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Super Foods for Women Who Need a Serious Mood Boost ...

By Lauren

There are lots of ways to boost your mood. Food is a good choice – as long as you make the right healthy choices – because not only are you improving your mindset, but you’re boosting your nutrition too. It’s always good to have something that delivers a double whammy of goodness. Here are the top ten superfoods to increase your happiness:

1 Avocado

AvocadoContaining serotonin, a neurotransmitter that makes us feel good, avocados are summer foods with "happy" benefits. They taste great as a guacamole dip with raw veggie sticks and are also good as face masks and natural hair conditioners. Ideal bedfellows of scampi and prawns in a salad, avocados put other super foods to shame when it comes to versatility.

2 Brazil Nuts

Brazil NutsIt's not just at Yuletide that Brazil nuts have a positive influence on your mood. Just like milk, they release rich nutrients that create a feeling of wellbeing and comfort. They are also a great source of protein for vegetarians. Share a bowl of happiness with your friends instead of chips!

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3 Chocolate

ChocolateForget the guilt factor: chocolate contain levels of endorphins, a "feel-good" chemical produced in our brains that helps us stave off depression and anxiety. Regard that choco-muffin at breakfast as your legitimate "happy" medication, designed to keep you sane.

4 Coconut

CoconutEating coconuts may make you happy because it reminds you of exotic island holidays, but there's a more scientific explanation for their feel-good factor: coconut has a positive influence on your brain function. It's also a great hair conditioner!

5 Chili

ChiliChilies produce capsaicin, responsible for raising endorphin levels in our brains. These help keeping feelings of depression and stress at bay. Try sprinkling just a little chili oil over fish or meat, if you don't like meals that are too spicy.

6 Honey

HoneyHoney is a far better choice than sugar for sweetening meals or hot beverages. It provides your body with more energy and induces a stable mood. No wonder Winnie the Pooh is always smiling!

7 Greek Yogurt

Greek YogurtPacked with nutrients that balance your mood, Greek yogurt also contains calcium needed for strong bones. And it tastes yummy with fruit, nuts and honey.

8 Milk

MilkRich in many nutrients such as calcium for bone growth and strength, milk also induces a happy mood. Just ask calves frolicking in a field!

9 Salmon

SalmonRich in Omega-3 oils, salmon makes our brains even brainier, when we eat a lot of it. Being cleverer than our friends and neighbors also makes us happy. Try salmon with pasta and asparagus, a good alternative to meat as a source of protein.

10 Spinach

SpinachNo wonder Popeye always has a broad grin on his face! Spinach is rich in magnesium, which assists in maintaining levels of serotonin in our brains. Serotonin is responsible for decreasing signs of depression and tiredness. You may not have appreciated this as a kid, when you caused a fuss finding some unidentifiable green stuff on your plate, but eating plenty of spinach can increase your happiness – and it’s so good for you.

Food isn’t just fuel to make our bodies work. It can impact our well being in many ways. The next time you’re feeling a little bleugh, fix yourself something tasty with any of the superfoods listed above.

Are you going to ignore the chips and candy next time and reach for one of these instead?

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