The Ultimate πŸ‘ Tailgate Party πŸŽ‰ Menu for Game Day 🏈!

I am not much a tailgater, but have been known for throwing a spread for the Super Bowl. Get a few tips along with me on how to party your team on to victory!

My top 3 favorites were the:

1. Frito Bags

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Just have those individual bags of Fritos with a whole lot of toppings! Easy to handle instead of holding a paper plate and tasty like a taco salad!

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Who said that Corona is the only beer? Have a selection of beer but also have some non-alcoholic available for those non-drinkers!

3. Cupcakes

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Of course, you need a little dessert! The cupcakes do not need to be fancy as they were fancy in the video. Simply stop at your local bakery or grocery store for something simple. But, if you want fancy, buy fancy!

I really liked this YouTube video! What team are you for? Hopefully, with these tips, your team can get a little luck!

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