These Scrumptious Fruits and Veggies Are Low in Carbs ...


Carbs aren’t the bad guy people make them out to be and your body needs them for fuel. However, there are good and bad kinds of carbs. In general, fruits and vegetables are a good source of the complex carbs you need. In contrast, refined grains are the bad type that you should stay away from. All that being said, if you’re watching your carb intake, these are fruits and vegetables that you can eat without any guilt.

1. You Can’t Go Wrong with Strawberries

You Can’t Go Wrong with Strawberries

Berries are packed with antioxidants and they taste really great too. When it comes to carbs, strawberries are your best choice, with just under 8 grams per serving. Not only that, but this berry is also loaded with vitamin C and plenty of antioxidants. Eat strawberries plain or toss them into a spinach salad, combine them with bananas in a smoothie or pile them on a dish of vanilla ice cream.

A Creamy Avocado is a Great Choice
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