17 Foods That Are Way Too Hipster to Eat ...

By Lyndsie

I like the hipster culture. I especially like the hipster food culture. But sometimes … sometimes it goes too far. I'm not saying I wouldn't eat these foods, exactly, but … but I'm kind of saying that they're almost too hipster to eat. I mean, they're pretty intense. Visually, they make for great Insta shots, but I mean … well, you'll see.

1 What is This?

No, but really. It looks like one of those magazine recipes that were popular in the '70s.

2 So This is a Watermelon Cake

I don't know why it is, but it is. And, I mean, it's pretty. I just … well, okay, I kind of get it.

3 Extreme Shake

Okay, okay, no. this is just hipster enough to eat.

4 Everything about This Plate

I don't even know what this is, but it's gorgeous, right? It's stunning food porn, I just don't know if it's entirely edible.

5 Hipsters like Things in Cubes

Geometric food is the new thing. I think I'm joking, but there's every chance in the world that I'm not joking at all. Maybe I just called it on the next big food trend.

6 Whatever This is

I bet it's deconstructed something. What IS it?

7 Salad in a Jar

Hahaha, I like these, though. I never said I didn't have hipster tendencies myself, okay?

8 Cookie Dough in a Jar

Again, just hipster enough to eat. I mean, okay, you could make it yourself, but it wouldn't be gourmet, but it would taste just as good and cost way less. Basically, I'm cool with cookie dough in a jar, really.

9 These Beers in Mason Jars

Mason jars are everywhere. I'm such a hypocrite. I'm drinking lemonade out of a glass exactly like these.

10 Look at This Wrap in a Cone

I'm torn. This is kind of genius. But is it practical? Can you really eat that, or does it just look really neat?

11 Everything Comes in a Cone

You get a cone, and you get a cone, and you, you, you get a cone!

12 Look for the Ketchup

Did you see it? The ketchup is in a teeny tiny Mason jar.

13 Everything about This Breakfast

Don't get me wrong, it looks delicious, it's just … this is more about presentation. Except, I confess, I kind of think it's cute.

14 … and This Breakfast

Wooden cutting board for a plate? Check. Bacon? Check. Bacon presented in an interesting manner? Check. Soft-boiled eggs in their carton? Check, check, check. Again, though, I secretly find this adorable.

15 Just Serving You Some Home Fries in a Flower Pot

Because why not? Why the hell not? Why doesn't everyone serve their fries in a flower pot?

16 These Pastries

17 And Lastly, These Magical Croissants

Yeah, but I'd eat these. I'd eat these so hard.

What's the most hipster food you've ever seen and/or eaten? Or served, for that matter?

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