17 Foods That Are Way Too Hipster to Eat ...


17 Foods That Are Way Too Hipster to Eat ...
17 Foods That Are Way Too Hipster to Eat ...

I like the hipster culture. I especially like the hipster food culture. But sometimes … sometimes it goes too far. I'm not saying I wouldn't eat these foods, exactly, but … but I'm kind of saying that they're almost too hipster to eat. I mean, they're pretty intense. Visually, they make for great Insta shots, but I mean … well, you'll see.

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What is This?

No, but really. It looks like one of those magazine recipes that were popular in the '70s.


So This is a Watermelon Cake

I don't know why it is, but it is. And, I mean, it's pretty. I just … well, okay, I kind of get it.


Extreme Shake

Okay, okay, no. this is just hipster enough to eat.


Everything about This Plate

I don't even know what this is, but it's gorgeous, right? It's stunning food porn, I just don't know if it's entirely edible.


Hipsters like Things in Cubes

Geometric food is the new thing. I think I'm joking, but there's every chance in the world that I'm not joking at all. Maybe I just called it on the next big food trend.


Whatever This is

I bet it's deconstructed something. What IS it?


Salad in a Jar

Hahaha, I like these, though. I never said I didn't have hipster tendencies myself, okay?


Cookie Dough in a Jar

Again, just hipster enough to eat. I mean, okay, you could make it yourself, but it wouldn't be gourmet, but it would taste just as good and cost way less. Basically, I'm cool with cookie dough in a jar, really.


These Beers in Mason Jars

Mason jars are everywhere. I'm such a hypocrite. I'm drinking lemonade out of a glass exactly like these.


Look at This Wrap in a Cone

I'm torn. This is kind of genius. But is it practical? Can you really eat that, or does it just look really neat?


Everything Comes in a Cone

You get a cone, and you get a cone, and you, you, you get a cone!


Look for the Ketchup

Did you see it? The ketchup is in a teeny tiny Mason jar.


Everything about This Breakfast

Don't get me wrong, it looks delicious, it's just … this is more about presentation. Except, I confess, I kind of think it's cute.


… and This Breakfast

Wooden cutting board for a plate? Check. Bacon? Check. Bacon presented in an interesting manner? Check. Soft-boiled eggs in their carton? Check, check, check. Again, though, I secretly find this adorable.


Just Serving You Some Home Fries in a Flower Pot

Because why not? Why the hell not? Why doesn't everyone serve their fries in a flower pot?


These Pastries


And Lastly, These Magical Croissants

Yeah, but I'd eat these. I'd eat these so hard.

What's the most hipster food you've ever seen and/or eaten? Or served, for that matter?

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The watermelon 'cake' looks amazing though

Can we all just take a minute and stare at #4 and the persons ability to make food look like a crime scene...kinda eerie and cool!

Some of these foods aren't even that hipster anymore... Food in jars is totally trendy now! I'm not complaining about the cookie dough.

Pizza cones are amazing. Its like ice cream pizza. And you eat it without having to worry about the grease dripping. Genious!

I think #14 is prosciutto not bacon

Cookie dough in a jar sounds so good right now

Pizza cones are famous in my country

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