Delicious Foods under 100 Calories per Serving ...


Delicious Foods under 100 Calories per Serving ...
Delicious Foods under 100 Calories per Serving ...

When you’re trying to lose weight or prevent weight gain, you must watch your calorie intake. If you’re taking in more than you’re burning, you may wind up piling on the pounds. That’s why foods that weigh in under 100 calories per serving make such a great choice. Sure, you could eat 100 calories of potato chips, but since that’s only about 5 chips, you won’t be satisfied. If you’re going to use up 100 of your daily calories, choose one of these foods, which will fill you up and keep your intake under control. And they all taste great too!

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Blueberries A single cup of blueberries contains only 85 calories. With all the fiber and antioxidants they contain, you’ll be full and contribute to good health at the same time.


An Egg

An Egg With just about 80 calories in one egg, you have a great choice for a healthy snack or meal. Try it hard-boiled or scrambled and you’ll load up on protein and vitamin B12 at the same time.


Half Baked Potato

Half Baked Potato Can’t give up your carbs at meal time? Go ahead and have a ½ baked potato, which contains only about 85 calories. Just don’t pile it with butter and sour cream, both of which are loaded with calories.


Dried Cherries

Dried Cherries The great thing about dried fruit is that it can really quell a sweets craving with far less sugar and calories and way more nutrients. Three tablespoons of dried cherries only have 75 calories.



Almonds A meaty portion of almonds is about 13 nuts and has only 90 calories. What a great way to snack without going overboard!



Quinoa For only 85 calories, you can enjoy 1/3 cup of cooked quinoa. Pair it with baked salmon or chicken and some veggies and you have a tasty meal that is really low in calories.


Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup A hearty 1-cup serving of veggie soup weighs in with only 90 calories. The fiber will fill you up, making this a great lunch or dinnertime meal.


Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate No, you don’t have to give up chocolate on a weight loss meal plan. Choose 2/3 an ounce of dark chocolate and it will only set you back 95 calories.



Pistachios Eating pistachios helps you watch how much you eat as the shells pile up. You can enjoy 25 of the nuts for only 85 calories.



Edamame Edamame makes a healthy snack, but it also works well in a salad or alongside your chicken or fish for dinner. You can eat 1/3 cup for only 65 calories.



Salmon Yes, salmon is called a fatty fish, but it’s mostly the good kind that’s excellent for your heart and brain. A 2 ½-ounce serving contains only 99 calories so eat up and enjoy!



Olives Next time you have a salt craving, try eating Kalamata olives instead of chips. They are surprisingly filling and salty enough to satisfy a craving. You can eat 9 of these guys, which will only set you back 95 calories. Yum!



Watermelon Watermelon has a high water content, which means you can eat quite a bit without wrecking your diet. A whopping two cups of watermelon cubes only contains a measly 90 calories.



Popcorn What could be a better snack than popcorn? You can easily enjoy two full cups with a teaspoon of butter and only take 95 calories from your daily allotment. Perfect!



Guacamole Maybe you’ve heard that you should stay away from avocados for weight loss. Like salmon, however, they contain good fats so guac is a great substitute for mayo. A 1/3 cup serving has 90 calories.



Wine Can’t give up your nightly cocktail? You don’t have to! Enjoy a 4-ounce glass of either red or white wine for only about 95 calories.


Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt Finish your day with a creamy bowl of frozen yogurt. You’ll only take in about 80 calories and you will feel like you just indulged.

Which of these foods do you love?

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