These Weight Loss Snacks 🍿🍇 Will Keep the Pounds off 🙅🏿🙅🏻🙅🏽🙅🏼 ...


Weight loss requires burning more calories than you consume so choosing low-calorie snacks is absolutely vital for keeping your progress on track. Snacking is important because it helps curb hunger between meals, preventing a binge later on. Choosing the right snacks fills you up without filling you out. Try these and you'll be full and won't feel at all deprived.

1. Blueberry Bars

Blueberry Bars

Source: 25 Homemade Granola Bar Recipes

This portable snack will be your new go-to every single day.

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2. Baked Buffalo Cauliflower

Baked Buffalo Cauliflower


Indulge a craving of hot wings by making these cauliflower bites.

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3. Flourless Chocolate Muffins

Flourless Chocolate Muffins


They look indulgent, but these are less than 100 calories each.

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4. Parmesan Puffs

Parmesan Puffs

Source: 3-Ingredient Parmesan Puffs The Happy

These crispy little delights are the perfect snack.

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5. Protein Oatmeal Cups

Protein Oatmeal Cups


Snacking will never be this delicious ever again!

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6. Roasted Green Bean Fries

Roasted Green Bean Fries

Source: Roasted Green Bean Fries with

This looks like a snack I can really get behind. What about you?

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7. Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries

Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries

Source: Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries

Kind of like ice cream, but without the guilt.

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8. Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips

Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips

Source: Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips

Satisfy a craving for potato chips with these lower calorie zucchini chips.

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9. Creamy Buffalo Hummus

Creamy Buffalo Hummus

Source: Creamy Buffalo Hummus - Noming

Yum! Isn't your mouth watering?

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10. Butternut Squash Fries

Butternut Squash Fries

Source: Butternut Squash Fries - My

I'd like to eat these fries every day. Wouldn't you?

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11. Spicy Tuna Bites

Spicy Tuna Bites

Source: Spicy Tuna Bites {High Protein

These protein packed bites are satisfying and delicious.

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12. Cucumbers and Cheese

Cucumbers and Cheese

Source: 7 Low Calorie Snacks That Will Refresh Your Diet ... @Kati

Need a bigger snack? This one is perfect.

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13. Quinoa Buffalo Bites

Quinoa Buffalo Bites

Source: Quinoa Buffalo Bites - WonkyWonderful

These taste great, but they are also packed with nutrition.

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14. Peanut Butter Banana Toast

Peanut Butter Banana Toast

Source: The Best 150-Calorie Snacks For

This is a fast and easy snack you can nibble while you watch television before bed.

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15. Indulgent Strawberries

Indulgent Strawberries

Source: 12 Low-Calorie, Late-Night Snacks For

That tiny bit of chocolate won't set you back too many calories, but will make you feel like you indulged.

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16. Low Fat Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Dip -

Low Fat Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Dip -


This dip makes eating fruits and veggies a lot more fun.

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17. Two Ingredient Skinny Veggie Dip

Two Ingredient Skinny Veggie Dip

Source: Two Ingredient Skinny Veggie Dip

Here's another fabulous tasting dip for your veggies.

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18. Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed Tomatoes

Source: Top 10 Low Calorie Snacks

I'd like to eat this right now. Looks good, doesn't it?

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19. Avocado Tuna

Avocado Tuna

Source: Low calorie low carb snacks

Tuna just met its match!

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20. Cocoa Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpeas:

Cocoa Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpeas:

Source: Satisfy Chocolate Cravings With This

These look pretty tasty, don't you think?

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21. Chocolate Raspberry Protein Balls

Chocolate Raspberry Protein Balls

Source: 70 Healthy Desserts For Guilt-Free

How many of these could you eat?

Which one are you excited to eat today? What other weight loss snacks would you add to the list?

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