This is What You Should do with All That Leftover Halloween Candy ...


This is What You Should do with All That Leftover Halloween Candy ...
This is What You Should do with All That Leftover Halloween Candy ...

Halloween is over and now you're stuck with all that candy, so you're probably wondering what to do with leftover Halloween candy. Luckily, there are loads of tasty ways to use it up before you have to throw it away. If you're trying to eat healthy, using one of these recipes lets you share your bounty with others, keeping you from eating it all yourself. So if you need to know what to do with leftover Halloween candy, give one of these ideas a try. You won't be sorry!

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Candy Bar Cookie Bars

snack, baking, cookies and crackers, dessert, baked goods, Everyone loves cookies and everyone loves candy bars, so whip up this treat and give it away. At least you won't be eating all those fun size candy bars yourself, right?


Vanilla Halloween Ice Cream

ice cream, dessert, frozen dessert, food, sundae, Ice cream is great on its own, but you can take it to a whole new level by adding your leftover Halloween candy to the mix.


Halloween Candy Cheesecake

dessert, food, chocolate, frozen dessert, chocolate brownie, As if cheesecake wasn't already delightful enough, now you can eat it topped with candy. Yum!


Snickers Mug Lava Cake

dessert, whipped cream, cream, dairy product, latte, Did you buy loads of Snickers, then only got a few trick or treaters? Use up the leftovers to make this yummy treat.


Leftover Halloween Candy Cookies

chocolate cake, chocolate, chocolate brownie, snack, dessert, Cookies packed with candy? Yes, please?


Monster Munch Candy Popcorn

food, confectionery, candy, dessert, vegetarian food, If you love sweet popcorn, this version made with leftover candy is sure to please. Share it with everyone you know.


Baby Ruth Bundt Cake

dessert, food, baked goods, torte, carrot cake, No one will be able to resist this delightful creation, and you'll be able to get rid of some of that leftover candy at the same time.


Candy Bar Brownie Pie

dessert, food, chocolate brownie, dish, sundae, What could be better than brownies with candy mixed in? Nothing, that's what.


Halloween Candy Cookie Pizza

food, snack, dessert, baking, cookies and crackers, There's something for everyone with this easy recipe.

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