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10 Creative and Practical Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy ...

By Sarah

Are you looking for practical uses for leftover Halloween candy? Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean that you have to eat all of your Halloween candy in one sitting. Let’s get real – if you keep all of your candy at home you WILL end up eating it. Instead of throwing away any extra holiday candy you don’t want or don’t like, check out the 10 creative practical uses for leftover Halloween candy.

1 Freeze It!

Throughout the year, you can pull a candy bar out of the freezer to add to an ice cream sundae or a homemade milkshake. This is one of the most practical uses for leftover Halloween candy.

2 Donate It!

There are many charities that will take your leftover Halloween candy and send it to the troops overseas. Click here to find a charity near you:


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3 Make Homemade Trail Mix and Include Leftover Candy

M&Ms or other small candies are great to include with peanuts, raisins, almonds, or any other trail mix ingredients.

4 Use Your Leftover Candy in Recipes

If you go onto Pinterest and search for recipes that include leftover Halloween candy, you’ll find thousands of options. For everything from cookies to bars to pies, you’re bound to find something that satisfies your sweet tooth.

5 Put Chocolate Candy Bars into Your Coffee

This is a great way to make an at home mocha without spending money at the coffee shop.

6 Use It as a Learning Tool

Make learning fun and delicious by allowing kids to practice addition or subtraction with little pieces of candy.

7 Use Leftover Candy to Build a Gingerbread House around the Holidays

If your candy starts to get hard or stale, save it and use it to decorate a gingerbread house that is made for your eyes to enjoy, instead of your mouth.

8 Bring Your Extra Halloween Candy in to Share with Your Coworkers

I promise you that it will disappear in no time!

9 Make Small Care Packages That Include Leftover Candy, and Deliver Them to a Nursing Homes or Retirement Communities near You

I promise you’ll brighten up the day of those who need it most.

10 Save a Few Pieces when You Need a Sugar Fix

Because let’s get real, sometimes we all need a piece of candy to sweeten up our day.

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