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Just to Make You Smile 50 Masterpieces of Sushi and Bento Box Food Art ...

By Eliza

aI love food so naturally I also love food art.Isn't it fun to see what chefs can do with everyday ingredients? Sushi and bento box food art is some of my favorite because it's just so darn cute! So I'm sharing some of the most adorable examples I could find, for no other reason than that it's fun to look at. It's all way too cute to eat! Enjoy!

1 Tamagocchi Bento

Tamagocchi Bento Source: Community Post: 25 Adorable Bento

2 Little Animals

Little Animals Source: Bento Master

3 Winter Penguins

Winter Penguins Source: 16 Exciting Ways To Make

4 More Sushi Penguins

More Sushi Penguins Source: Incredibly Cute Meals Inspired By

5 Super Mario Bento

Super Mario Bento Source: マリオ&クリボー*キャラ弁

6 Cute Dog

Cute Dog Source: Cute Dog Bento

7 Cats Bento Lunch

Cats Bento Lunch Source: キャラ弁☆コロ~ンとネコちゃん♪ by momo**

8 Just Adorable

Just Adorable Source: 『梅雨のお弁当まとめ(2012版)♪』

9 Cute Snail Twins

Cute Snail Twins Source: 『紫陽花とかたつむりのおかずカップ*』

10 Honeybee Sushi Roll

Honeybee Sushi Roll Source: ミツバチの飾り巻き寿司 わくわくキャラクター弁当

11 Cow Bento Box

Cow Bento Box Source: Cow bento -

12 A Little Bit of Totoro and Catbus on the Side

A Little Bit of Totoro and Catbus on the Side Source: まっくろくろすけ

13 Sleeping Pikachu

Sleeping Pikachu Source: Kolla in - 27 helt

14 Kimono Girl

Kimono Girl Source: 小梅ちゃん♪(キャラ弁) by ♪ぺこりん♪

15 Elephant Bento

Elephant Bento Source: ぞうさんのお弁当*キャラ弁 by Mai*Mai

16 Swimming Goldfish

Swimming Goldfish Source: 生ハムで金魚★素麺にも!キャラ弁にも! by ※※グレア※※

17 Relaxing Cat

Relaxing Cat Source: Japanese Lunch Art: Bizarre Bento

18 Cute Piglet

Cute Piglet Source: Beautiful Bentos and Easy Recipes

19 Goofy

Goofy Source:

20 Super Artistic

Super Artistic Source: Japanese Food Art – Cute

21 Pokemon Bent

Pokemon Bent Source: pokemon on Tumblr

22 Japanese Bonsai Tree

Japanese Bonsai Tree Source: Bento Concept

23 Owls Bento

Owls Bento Source: ホ~ホ~森のふくろう親子*キャラ弁 by Mai*Mai

24 Little Friends

Little Friends Source: In love with Japan

25 happy snowman

happy snowman Source: クリスマスに♪雪だるまちゃん*キャラ弁 by Mai*Mai

26 A Container of Pets

A Container of Pets Source: キャラ弁*リラックマお稲荷さん by momo**

27 Puppy Bento

Puppy Bento Source: Community Post: 25 Adorable Bento

28 Pusheen the Cat Rice Ball Holding Mini Sushi

Pusheen the Cat Rice Ball Holding Mini Sushi Source: Top Cute Bento Food Art

29 Sesame Street Bento

Sesame Street Bento Source: 2011年06月01日のブログ|※※グレアのキャラ弁※※ 息子達へのラブレター

30 Chicken Bento

Chicken Bento Source: お花見グランプリ2013に参加中 - 2種のチーズでハムロール朝ごはん♪

31 A Smile for Lunch

A Smile for Lunch Source:

32 Red Panda Bento

Red Panda Bento Source:

33 Rolled Animal Sandwiches

Rolled Animal Sandwiches Source: Japanese Bento: Changing the Definition

34 Olaf Bento

Olaf Bento Source: momoオフィシャルブログ「キミと一緒に ~momo's obentou*キャラ弁~」Powered by Ameba

35 Fish Friends

Fish Friends Source: 爱。开心便当のChildren's Day Bento

36 BENTO Pandas

BENTO Pandas Source: Mother Of Two Makes Cute

37 Hello Kitty Bento Box

Hello Kitty Bento Box Source: Hello Kitty Bento | Hello

38 More Pokemon

More Pokemon

39 Deer Bento

Deer Bento Source:

40 Cat Duo

Cat Duo Source: キャラ弁*お稲荷さんdeころりーんネコちゃん

41 Zoo Animal Bento

Zoo Animal Bento Source:

42 Bear Caught the Salmon

Bear Caught the Salmon Source: カメラのキタムラ砺波店の店舗ブログ |デジカメ・写真プリント・スマホの事ならおまかせください!

43 Alice in Wonderland Bento

Alice in Wonderland Bento Source: Little Miss Bento  シャリーのかわいいキャラベン: Alice

44 Pokemon Headed into Battle

Pokemon Headed into Battle Source: デフォルメポケモン

45 Egg and Chicken Bento

Egg and Chicken Bento Source: Bento, Monsters: Easter Egg Carton

46 Yoshi and Friends

Yoshi and Friends Source: Japanese Food Art – Cute

47 Sleeping Kitty Sausage Toast

Sleeping Kitty Sausage Toast Source: Little Miss Bento  シャリーのかわいいキャラベン: Sleeping

48 JIJI Bento

JIJI Bento Source: ☆あ~るママず COOKING NOTE☆

49 Stitch Bento

Stitch Bento Source:

50 Little Red Goldfish

Little Red Goldfish Source: 「金魚のお弁当」:てしぱんさんの簡単かわいいおべんとさん:レシピブログ

Cute, aren't they? Could you do something this creative? Which one is your favorite?

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