7 Tips for Pairing Wines Perfectly with Your Meals ...


Pairing wine with your meals is an easy way to be sure that your drink of choice tastes wonderful along with the food you cook. If you’re like me though, figuring out which wine is best isn’t always the easiest task. After all, even the smallest liquor store usually has a shelf full of wine. So, to save you some time and frustration, I’ve put together a short and sweet list of the best tips for pairing wine with your meals. You can use these next time you’re caught trying to choose the best vino at a restaurant or at home. Let me know if you have tried and true tricks that aren’t on the list.

1. Intensity

If you’ve made it a habit to sample as many wines as possible (and really, who hasn’t?), you know that some are more overpowering than others. You don’t want a really strong tasting wine if you’re eating a light and delicate meal. Most of the wine experts suggest thinking about what you’ll be eating as the top method for pairing wine with your meals. In fact, the intensity of the wine matters more than the color, according to some sommeliers. So, if you’re eating salad or fish, a milder wine is probably a great bet. For steak, a rich red works wonderfully.

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