7 Toxic Ingredients to Watch out for in Food ...


I know, I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about detoxes, GMOs, and toxic ingredients in your foods, but hear me out! In the health madness we hear each day, it can be hard to not freak out every time you sit down to eat, or not to spend hours at the grocery store finding foods that are safe to eat. Most of the time, you can’t judge a package by its outer appearance, except for one little part: the ingredient list. Look out for the following 7 toxic ingredients in your foods and stay shy of these, which have been proven to be some of the most dangerous of all. Other than that, feel free to enjoy your food without fearing it may cause you to lose a limb or die of toxicity, which could rarely occur after eating just one food that might have something harmful in it.

1. Coloring Agents Yellow 5 and Yellow 6

Coloring Agents Yellow 5 and Yellow 6

What may sound like a friendly food dye is actually one of the most potent, toxic ingredients in foods today, along with other food dyes like reds and blues. You’ll find this food coloring in non-organic boxed mac and cheese, and this coloring is what actually gives the food its yellow-orange color, not real cheese! Yet, it isn’t just found in your favorite boxed comfort food, but even in foods like pickles, some condiments, protein bars, snack bars, cookies, frozen meals and more. Always read your labels and buy organic to avoid this contaminant. The dangerous dye is made from coal tar, which is used used to seal-coat and preserve products like industrial floors as well as to kill bugs in lice shampoo! Yikes! The Center for Science in the Public Interest has also linked this artificial food coloring to cancer, allergies and ADHD.

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