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Setting an attractive table means knowing how to fold napkins. Whether you give regular dinner parties or only really worry about a set table for high days and holidays, knowing a few ways to fold napkins will always add an extra special little touch. All of the napkin tutorials here can be made with fabric napkins but will work just as easily with paper, if you want to go that route. It's a good idea to have a small pile of paper napkins to practice on anyway.

1. Christmas Tree Napkin

Via Holiday: Tis' the Season
When the holidays are around the corner, it's good to know how to fold napkins in seasonal shapes. Everyone will recognize one of the symbols of Christmas.

2. Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin

Via Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Fold Tutorial
You shouldn't have any trouble carving this turkey.

3. Easter Bunny Rabbit Napkin

Via Bonkers About Buttons: How to ...
Such fun for the Easter table. Kids will love them.

4. Lotus Napkin

Via Napkin Folding: Lotus | Martha ...
Perfect for an elegant dinner.

5. Napkin Cutlery Pocket with "lace"

Via partycity.com
Some folded napkins take materials other than just the napkin.

6. Christmas Tree Napkin

Via Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores: ...
This is a simpler version of a Christmas tree than the one shown in #1 and it's simple and elegant enough to use any time of year.

7. Cylinder Napkin

Via How to Fold Napkins - ...
I love the idea of putting fresh flowers in these.

8. Napkin Bow Tie

Via classic • casual • home: ...
An elegant way to dress your table.

9. 7 Easy Ways to Fold a Napkin

Via Tips and Resources
A selection for any occasion.

10. Fancy Napkins

Maybe you would prefer to learn how to fold napkins from a video tutorial.

11. Shirt Napkin

Via DIY Tutorial: DIY Cloth Napkins ...
These will add an interesting masculine touch.

12. Fan Napkin

Via Holiday Your Way with Bed ...
Everyone should know how to make at least one of the classic folds.

13. Rose Napkin

Via Rose Napkins | Martha Stewart
Pay attention now, ladies, because domestic goddess Martha Stewart is going to teach you how to make a pretty rose napkin. Mother's Day, anyone?

14. Staggered Pocket Napkin

Via Try This New Napkin Folding ...
I like napkins that hold cutlery - it saves you having to remember which side to put the knife and fork!

15. Napkins C/O Oprah.com

Via How to Fold Napkins - ...
Follow the link to Oprah's website, where you'll find 6 handy napkin tutorials.

16. Pocket Fold Napkin

Via How To Make a Pocket ...
A napkin embellished by a cuff earring - what a cute idea.

17. Classic Roll Napkin

Via kitchenjoyblog.com
Another of the classic elegant folds.

18. Buffet Napkin

Via How to Fold a Napkin ...
You can do this with paper napkins too.

19. Simple Fold Napkin

Via Fold Napkins like a Pro ...
Another version of a napkin that holds flatware.

20. Fleur De Lys Napkin

Via 20 Plus Napkin Folding Styles ...
One of the easiest napkin folds but still effective.

21. Easy Christmas Tree Napkin

Via How To Fold A Christmas ...
Another Christmas tree that wouldn't be out of place at other times of the year.

22. Lotus Blossom Napkin

Via How to Fold a Lotus ...
Lovely for very formal occasions.

23. Elf Shoe Napkin

Via Elf Shoe Napkin Tutorial
Delight your guests with something different.

24. Triple Pocket Napkin

Via Triple Pocket Napkin Fold Tutorial
If you want napkins to hold cutlery, you've seen there's quite a few options.

25. Heart Napkin

Via Valentine's Day Table Setting Ideas ...
And when Valentineโ€™s Day rolls around, of course, it has to be a heart fold. But use it for special anniversaries too.

I've always just done a very simple folded napkin in pretty rings but I'm intrigued to turn my hand to some of these. Are you going to try some of these ways to fold napkins?

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