24 Adorable Tea Towels to Make Your Kitchen Stand out ...


24 Adorable Tea Towels to Make Your Kitchen Stand out ...
24 Adorable Tea Towels to Make Your Kitchen Stand out ...

Tea towels are a must have for any kitchen. They give you something to wipe your hands on after washing up, they add the cute factor to your space, and in a pinch, they work to wipe up spills and messes. No matter what you're looking for from a tea towel, you are sure to find it. Tea towels come in colors, sizes and patterns that will boggle your mind. If you're crafty, it's easy to make your own tea towels, so you can get exactly what you want. Check out these fun ideas.

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DIY Tea Towels

DIY Tea Towels Via vintage image citrisolv fabric transfer ...
To make these tea towels, you simply iron the image onto the fabric and add a cute fabric border.


DIY Tea Towels are a great way to make your kitchen stand out and add a unique, personalized touch. With a few simple materials, you can make a beautiful tea towel that you can proudly display in your kitchen. All you need is a fabric transfer image, tea towel fabric, and a fabric border.

To make the tea towels, you simply iron the image onto the fabric. You can find vintage images online or in craft stores, or you can create your own custom design. Once the image is ironed on, you can add a fabric border to give it more of a decorative look. The fabric border can be a patterned fabric or a solid color, depending on your preference.

These tea towels make a great gift for someone who loves to cook or just enjoys decorating their kitchen. They can be used for drying dishes, wiping up spills, or simply as a decorative piece in the kitchen. With the right fabric and design, you can make a unique tea towel that will be sure to impress. Moreover, it’s a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen and make it stand out.


Button Holders

Button Holders Via Hobby di stoffa by Hdc: ...
These would stay put much easier than simply hanging the towel somewhere. Cute, aren't they?


These charming button holders offer a whimsical and practical way to keep your tea towels within reach while adding a touch of personality to your kitchen space. By securing your towels with these unique accessories, you not only avoid the frustration of towels slipping off hooks or handles but also give your kitchen a homey, curated feel. No more nagging towel troubles - with a simple snap, your kitchen stays organized and stylish, reflecting your attention to detail and love for all things adorable.


Lots of Pattern

Lots of Pattern Via centsationalgirl.com
You can most definitely use two different patterns of tea towels, provided the color palette is similar.


Handy Hanging

Handy Hanging Via Embroidery Library - Machine Embroidery ...
You won't have to worry about your tea towel falling on the floor with this hanger.


This Handy Hanging tea towel hanger is perfect for any kitchen. It's easy to install and adds a decorative touch to any room. The hanger is made of sturdy metal and comes with a hook to hang your tea towel from. It also has a removable clip so you can easily attach your tea towel without having to worry about it slipping off. The hanger is designed to fit any standard size tea towel and is available in a variety of colors.

This hanger is ideal for anyone who enjoys baking and cooking. It's a great way to keep your tea towels organized and easily accessible. Plus, it adds a touch of style to your kitchen. With its classic design, it will look great in any kitchen. It's also a great way to show off your favorite tea towels in style.

Not only is this hanger practical, but it's also a great way to add a unique and stylish touch to your kitchen. It's a great way to make your kitchen stand out from the rest. With its decorative design, it will be sure to make your kitchen look more inviting and stylish. You'll be sure to get compliments on your kitchen with this hanger.


Ruffly Towel

Ruffly Towel Via 28 Last Minute Handmade Gifts ...
Obviously, this would be great for Christmas, but you could use other colors and patterns for other holidays.


This Ruffly Towel is a perfect addition to any kitchen. Its unique design features a colorful ruffle pattern that can be customized to fit any holiday or occasion. The towel is made from high-quality cotton, making it soft and absorbent. It can be machine-washed and dried for easy care. With its unique design and vibrant colors, this towel will make your kitchen stand out and add a touch of style. It also makes a great gift for any occasion. Give your kitchen a makeover with this stylish and functional Ruffly Towel!

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Stamped Tea Towels

Stamped Tea Towels Via Stamped Tea Towels - Centsational ...
If you have lots of patience and time, you can make your own stamped tea towels.


Use What Speaks to You

Use What Speaks to You Via DIY Tea Towels {Love & ...
DIY tea towels make it easy to customize yours with sayings or patterns that you love.


Bright Colors

Bright Colors Via Jedi Craft Girl: Kitchen Towel ...
Don't be afraid to use lots of bright colors when you create your tea towels.


Vibrant hues add a pop of personality and can really liven up even the most neutral of spaces. Whether it's bold stripes, playful polka dots, or a mosaic of colors, you can mix and match to reflect your unique style. Think about summer yellows, oceanic blues, or candy apple reds that can change the mood of your kitchen in an instant. With a kaleidoscope of shades at your fingertips, creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere is as simple as choosing the right color palette for your custom tea towels.


Burlap Cross

Burlap Cross Via Personalized Blessed Raggy Thanksgiving Burlap ...
This isn't as hard as it looks to create. You won't see a towel like this one in just any kitchen.


Mason Jar Tea Towels

Mason Jar Tea Towels Via Easy mason jar tea towels
These retro looking tea towels are really cute. Would you hang them in your kitchen?


Prairie Points

Prairie Points Via Prairie Point Towel
These adorable fabric points bring new life to your tea towels.


Bird Appliques

Bird Appliques Via This-n-that; a little crafting: 3 ...
You can applique any shape on a tea towel, but these birds are really cute.


Embroidering your kitchen linens with charming bird designs is a playful way to add a touch of personality and artistry to your space. Whether you choose to stitch an array of colorful sparrows or a single majestic peacock, these avian-themed appliques will make your tea towels conversation starters at your next gathering. Paired with coordinating kitchen accessories, these delightful designs offer both functionality and flair, ensuring your kitchen linens are as stylish as they are practical. Opt for a vibrant palette to keep the vibe cheerful, or more muted tones for an elegant, understated look.


Embellish and Decorate

Embellish and Decorate Via Crafts & Activities | Babble
Use whatever embellishments you want to jazz up your tea towels.


Iron on a Design

Iron on a Design Via Christmas Gifts | How To ...
You can use iron on transfers to personalize tea towels. This would make a great gift!


Adorable Border

Adorable Border Via Creativity and Sealah Tape
I think this border is so cute! This would definitely be the star of your kitchen.


Colorful Border

Colorful Border Via .House. of A La Mode: ...
Buy plain white tea towels and add your own border, using whatever fabric you love.


Vintage Tea Towels

Vintage Tea Towels Via vintage grey: some new treasures ...
These remind me of my great-grandma's kitchen! Do you know someone who embroidered these?


Fabric Strips

Fabric Strips Via cute dishtowels! why thank you.
Sew a basic fabric strip on your tea towels to make them match your kitchen decor.


Crochet Edged

Crochet Edged Via Crochet Edged Tea Towel Pattern ...
If you can crochet, you can make the edges of your tea towels look like this.


Adding a delicate crochet trim to your tea towels is simpler than it might seem. With just a basic stitch, you can transform an ordinary towel into a handmade heirloom. The gentle waves or pointed picots of a crochet border infuse a sense of warmth and charm into your kitchen's décor. And why stop at tea towels? This technique can be applied to napkins, curtains, or pillowcases, tailoring your space to that cozy, craft-inspired look. Plus, it's a thoughtful touch for a housewarming gift that shows care went into every loop and knot.


Fancy Fabrics

Fancy Fabrics Via Crafts & Activities | Babble
The great thing about tea towels is that you can make them out of any fabric you want.


Fabric tea towels are a great way to add a unique touch to any kitchen. Not only are they decorative, but they are also incredibly functional. Tea towels are perfect for drying dishes, cleaning up spills, and even serving as a makeshift potholder. The possibilities are endless!

When it comes to creating your own tea towels, the best part is that you can use any fabric you'd like. Whether you prefer a classic cotton, a fun patterned fabric, or a luxurious velvet, tea towels can be made in any material. You can even repurpose old fabric from clothing, curtains, or bedding to create something entirely new.

When it comes to the actual construction of the tea towels, the process is relatively simple. To make your own tea towels, you will need to measure and cut your fabric to the desired size. Then, you will need to hem the edges to prevent fraying and to give the tea towels a clean finish. Once the fabric is cut and hemmed, you can add any embellishments you'd like, such as ribbons, buttons, or lace.


Forest Animals

Forest Animals Via Tea Towel Bundle, 3 Forest ...
What do you think of these cute animal tea towels?


Simple Colors

Simple Colors Via DIY Hanging Towel for the ...
Stick to a basic color palette like black and white to keep things understated in your kitchen.


Teapot Applique

Teapot Applique Via Teapot Applique Tea Towels | ...
Here's another cute applique you an add to your tea towels.


The delightful teapot design infuses charm and whimsy into your cooking space, instantly elevating the aesthetic. Creating this look is a breeze, even for beginners in fabric crafts. Simply choose your favorite fabric patterns and follow an easy-to-use template to cut out the teapot shape. Apply it to a plain linen or cotton towel with some fusible webbing and a quick pass of the iron. Finishing touches like embroidery or fabric paint add a personal touch, ensuring your teapot applique will be the talk of teatime!


Ruffles on Towels

Ruffles on Towels Via My 3 Monsters: Day 24: ...
You simply can't go wrong with ruffles on your tea towels. Go with all one fabric, or mix and match several of your favorites.

What do your tea towels look like? I have several different ones so I can change things up when the mood strikes. Do you see a towel on this list that you must have?

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