7 Ways to Eat Healthy at Disney World ...

By Kayla

7 Ways to Eat Healthy at Disney World ...

If you are looking for ways to eat healthy at Disney World, you've got to read this. I've got some awesome tips that will show you how to eat healthy the entire time you are there. If you follow these tips, you may even save a little money. Here are 7 ways to eat healthy at Disney World.

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1 Eat Breakfast in Your Hotel Room

One of the easiest ways to eat healthy at Disney World is to eat breakfast in your hotel room. If your room has a mini-fridge and a microwave, you will have several breakfast options. You could have cereal and milk, fruit and yogurt, or instant oatmeal. If your room has a stove and cookware, your breakfast options will be unlimited. If you don't want to pack breakfast items from home, you can have them delivered to your hotel room.

2 Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

It can be very expensive to buy bottled water at theme parks. Taking a reusable filtered water bottle into the park with you is a great alternative. You will find that there are many water fountains located throughout the park, where you can refill your bottle. This will allow you to have a refreshing free drink anytime. Having your own water bottle will also help prevent you from ordering soft drinks or other unhealthy beverages.

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3 Practice Portion Control

When eating at Disney World, try practicing portion control. One easy way to do this by only ordering half of a meal. If this in not an option, have your server bring you a to go box when they bring your meal. You can go ahead and pack up the food that you don't plan to eat. Some restaurants will also allow you to order a lunch sized portion for dinner. Buffets are the worst place you can eat if you are trying to control your portions. It is almost impossible to eat at one without eating more than you had planned.

4 Pack Your Own Snacks

Taking your own snacks into the park is a great way to stick to your healthy eating plan. Having them with you will help prevent you from overindulging in foods that you normally wouldn't eat. If you don't want to pack your snacks or forget them, look for healthy snacks in the park. Many vendors will have fresh fruits and vegetables that you can buy.

5 Avoid Processed Foods

While at Disney World, try avoiding as many processed foods as possible. I know that this can be difficult, even when you are at home. If you can't completely cut out processed foods, consider only allowing yourself to eat them at one meal or a couple of times each day. Processed foods are typically foods that are prepackaged like chips, snack cakes and cookies. You may want to skip the white rice and white bread too because are full of with salt and sugar.

6 Disney World Dining APP

There are about 100 restaurants at Disney World, so picking one to eat at can be a challenge. To make your choice a little easier, download The Disney Dining App. This App seems to be very up to date and will give you access to all of the restaurant menus at Disney World. Having the App will make it easier to determine which restaurants have the healthiest food options and which one's you should avoid eating at.The app also tells you the restaurants prices, making it easier to stay within your food budget.

7 Mickey Check Program

If you are looking for ways for your kids to eat healthy while at Disney world, use the Mickey Check Program. This program is a great way to ensure that your kids eat healthy and nutritious foods. You will find the Mickey Check located beside of healthy food options, at Disney restaurants. There are many entrees, side dishes, and desserts that qualify for the program. If you are unsure of what to order for yourself, consider ordering foods from the Mickey Check program.

Eating healthy can be challenging when you are at Disney World, but with a little planning and these tips, it will be much easier. If you do overindulge, don't be hard on yourself; consider it a treat. Do you have any tips for eating healthy at Disney World? I would love to hear them.

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I worked in Disney food and for the most part the quick service food places are not healthy. Use common sense when eating if trying to eat healthy. Every place offers apples instead of fries, you just have to ask. And every place will give you a free cup of water as well.

If I'm at Disney World then I'm probably on vacation. Calories do not exist on vacation, so it's totally fine..

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