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You might think there aren’t many ways to make frozen yogurt healthier and that you’ll simply have to sacrifice one of your favorite treats forever. But that doesn’t have to be the case! If you make the right changes and adjustments to your frozen yogurt, you can easily enjoy it as frequently as once or twice a week. Moderation is essential when following a healthy eating plan and everyone deserves a little wiggle room. If you love sweet and creamy treats like frozen yogurt but want to make them healthier, keep in mind these seven ways to make frozen yogurt healthier.

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Stick to the Original Flavor

Stick to the Original Flavor One of the best ways to make frozen yogurt healthier is to keep it simple. As tempting as flavors like peanut butter cup and green tea mochi may be, often these gourmet flavors are full of extra fat and sugar. I personally like the tart and refreshing original flavor. Sure, it might not be as sweet, but think of this yogurt as a blank canvas, a canvas where you can get really creative with the toppings and create a totally unique and healthy dessert!


Add Fresh Fruit

Add Fresh Fruit Fresh fruit is one of the best toppings for frozen yogurt. Between the strawberries, the blueberries, the kiwis, and the mangoes, you have a ton of options! Fruit is also incredibly rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and a ton of other great properties that will give you clear skin and shiny hair. Think of fruit as nature’s candy and don’t be afraid of drowning your frozen yogurt in this natural and healthy treat! When I go out for frozen yogurt, I choose a small portion of yogurt and load it up with tons of different fruits. This way I feel like I got to enjoy a giant bowl of frozen yogurt without all the refined sugar and calories. The added fiber also keeps me full until my next meal.


Keep Cookies and Cake to a Minimum

Keep Cookies and Cake to a Minimum A lot of my clients think frozen yogurt is a much healthier alternative to ice cream. The ‘non-fat’ or ‘low-fat’ label often makes them feel entitled to add lots of unhealthy toppings like cookies and cake pieces. Non-fat does NOT mean non-calorie! Don’t think when you’re eating frozen yogurt that it’s practically a bowl of air. It does contain calories, and adding unhealthy items like pound cake and chocolate wafer cookies will certainly turn a potentially healthy treat into a sugar death pit. If you must have some cookies or other baked goods with your frozen yogurt, stick to a sprinkling at most.


Avoid the Waffle Cone

Avoid the Waffle Cone Love eating ice cream or frozen yogurt from a giant waffle cone? While this might be tasty and get you plenty of likes and followers on Instagram, it certainly won’t help you get that six-pack for summer. Waffle and sugar cones are usually prepared by employees at the frozen yogurt shop, meaning you’ll have less control over the contents (and calories) of your frozen yogurt. That waffle cone can also add anywhere between 50 and 150 extra calories. Play it safe and opt for a cup instead.


Pick the Smallest Cup

Pick the Smallest Cup Compared to a giant cone, a cup might sound like a much better plan, and it definitely is. Just keep in mind the size of the cup you pick. I’ve been to many frozen yogurt joints where the cup is easily the size of my head! You might feel compelled to fill a bigger cup with more dessert, causing you to overeat. Keep your portion in check by picking the smallest cup. No going back for seconds!


Add Whipped Cream Instead of Hot Fudge

Add Whipped Cream Instead of Hot Fudge Maybe you’re the kind of frozen yogurt addict that loves hot fudge, caramel sauce, or some other sugary syrup on your frozen yogurt. These syrups taste great, but are usually loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Even low-fat or sugar-free alternatives pack a lot of artificial ingredients you’re better off staying away from. If you really like to top your yogurt with a fun sundae item, try a dollop of fresh whipped cream. Many frozen yogurt parlors make their own every day, and usually whipped cream is just heavy cream and a little sugar. This is a much less refined choice that will taste light and fluffy all for a mere 20-30 calories.


Go for Sprinkles to Keep Things Fun

Go for Sprinkles to Keep Things Fun Want a fun topping that won’t break the calorie bank? Sprinkles are your new best frozen yogurt friend. Although by no means am I suggesting you to go overload with these bundles of joy, colored sprinkles are a really fun way to jazz up your frozen yogurt and keep things fun without adding too many calories. A single tablespoon packs a mere 20 calories, meaning you can definitely indulge and not feel guilty whatsoever. Also remember a pretty-looking treat will make you enjoy it that much more!

Frozen yogurt can certainly be part of a healthy diet. It’s all about making modifications that are reasonable and still taste great. What are some of your favorite flavors and frozen yogurt creations?

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