Wine 🍷 Hacks to Help You Get Your Drink on 😁 ...

I never was into wine until I got my very first taste of Barefoot wine (also Cupcake is good!) and I fell in love! Now, I am a complete and total wino and I thought 'there has to be some wine hacks out there I'm not using' – so I did my research and below is what I came up with. Enjoy all you ladies and have a glass of wine with me!

1. Frozen Grapes for Ice Cubes = Genius!

Definitely trying these two!

2. The Perfect Pairing

Still confused on what wine goes with what meat?

3. Wine Cork Crumble in the Bottle? No Problem!

Use a coffee filter!

4. The BEST Wine Hacks!

Wine in ice cube trays? Awesome!

5. Need to Know the Calories?

Here's for all of you calorie counters out there!

6. Still Don't Understand Which Wine to Pick?

I was confused for a very long time, what wine was the best and boldest.

7. Don't Have a Wine Opener?

Or … your bestie 'borrowed' yours?

8. Pair Cheese with White Wine, Not Red!

it just tastes better overall!

9. Red Wine Stain? No Problem! Salt It

Simple table salt works wonders!

10. You CAN Use Different Fruits for More Flavor!

Don't forget to freeze them first!

11. Aerate Your Wine Quick – with Your Blender!

Just for about 30 seconds.

12. Make Wine Slushies

Simply freeze your wine in ice cube trays and then smash them up – so cool and delish!

13. For a Quick Chill, Wrap in a Wet Paper Towel …

and then freeze it!

14. Like Fruity Wine? Spicy Wine? Here's Your Guide!

Because, we all need a guide!

15. Different Ways to Open up That Bottle of Wine

Because we don't all have corkscrews!

16. White Wines & Dessert Wines

What's the difference?

17. Wine & Cheese Party Anyone?

I needed this!

18. The Best Frozen Fruit Guide to Chill Your Wine

I love this!

19. BBQ Anyone?

I know what I'll be using the next time I have a BBQ!

20. The ULTIMATE Guide to Wine Pairings

Bookmark this girls!

21. Some Trophy Wines, for You to Pick out the Best!

I definitely needed this for my next dinner party