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7 Flavored Syrups to Stick in Your Coffee ...

By Eliza

Coffee is perfect for so many reasons! It’s hot and comforting and the shot of caffeine you get will wake you up and help you get your day started. If you’re tired of the same old ho hum mug of java in the morning, it’s time to shake things up. Flavored syrups are the perfect option. They might be traditionally used in lattes and hot chocolate, but they can jazz up your coffee too. Try these delicious syrups so that you can enjoy your coffee in a whole new way.

1 Irish Cream is Perfect

Irish cream might not be your best bet in the morning since it contains alcohol, but Irish cream flavored syrup is a great alternative. It gives your coffee a creamy flavor that you won’t find anywhere else. Not to mention that you get a nutty taste that amps up your mug of joe in the morning. Just a dab will do you, so don’t go overboard.

2 Hazelnut Makes Mornings Great

Hazelnut is the perfect thing to blend into your coffee. It’s got just the right nuttiness mixed with just a touch of sweetness that perfectly complements your favorite brew. Hazelnut syrup goes especially well with light to medium roast coffees, but go ahead and try it in any type you love best.

3 Peppermint Will Spice Things up

Need something to really wake you up in the morning? Peppermint is the clear choice. It blends really well into a cup of coffee and it has a pleasing spiciness that will make you ready for the day with just one sip. If you like your coffee with milk and sugar, add a shot of peppermint and you’ll take things to a whole new level.

4 You Can Never Go Wrong with Caramel

Caramel is the perfect flavor to accompany a hot, steaming mug of coffee. It whirls in with the taste of the coffee beans, giving you just a touch of sweetness to bring out the bitter flavor of your black coffee. If you love caramel in black coffee, you will adore how it tastes in coffee with cream and sugar added. Yum!

5 Vanilla is Always a Good Bet

For people who want a flavor in their coffee, but don’t want something super intense or off the wall, vanilla is your best bet. Vanilla adds a pleasant taste to coffee that is subtle enough not to overwhelm the coffee, but strong enough to shake things up a little bit. If you want just a hint of flavor, stick with one pump. If you want more, add a couple more pumps.

6 Almond Roca

Do you prefer coffee that tastes more like candy than coffee? Then you need to try almond roca syrup in your next mug. You get a nutty, sweet taste that you just won’t find anywhere else. Keep in mind that coffee syrups do contain sugar and calories, so resist the temptation to go crazy with the almond roca. It’s not easy to keep it under control because this flavor is so good!

7 Chocolate is Everyone’s Favorite

If you have a bit of a chocolate addiction, you will love chocolate flavored syrup in your coffee. It adds a rich flavor that you can’t match with anything else. Just a little is perfect, but go ahead and add an extra pump if you want to. After all, mornings are hard and chocolate makes everything better.

Do you drink flavored coffee? What’s your favorite flavor?

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