7 Worst High Sodium Foods That Put You at Risk for a Stroke ...


American women suffer strokes now more than ever, and high sodium foods are one of the number one risks and causes of having a stroke, even at an early age. There are many simple lifestyle choices one can do to prevent having a stroke, including stress management approaches like yoga, walking, quiet time and reducing excess hours working. Yet, diet choices are one of the top most effective ways to reduce your stroke risks, all by avoiding certain high sodium foods. The recommended sodium amounts for the day are anywhere from 1000-2500 milligrams, and anything above 2500 milligrams can cause a person many health issues, including high blood pressure that leads to a risk for a stroke. Considering there are 2400 milligrams in just one teaspoon of salt, you can see how easy it is to overdo your salt intake for the day, especially if you choose processed foods. To reduce your risk for a stroke, try to eat less of these high sodium foods below and include more fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fat free, plain yogurt, whole grains and unprocessed foods . Your taste buds will adjust over time, I promise!

1. Processed Lunch Meat

Processed Lunch Meat

Let’s just start with one of the worst high sodium foods, shall we? Not only are lunch meats and other processed meats high in sodium, but they’re also high in preservatives, one being salt. They’re one of the top foods to avoid for stroke, high blood pressure and weight gain. Many of the additives have even been linked to digestive disorders and headaches, so buy your meat fresh whenever you can for the healthiest choice.

Processed Cheese
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