You'll Learn so Much from These 30 Calorie Infographics ...

By Jennifer

You'll Learn so Much from These 30 Calorie Infographics ...

What's a calorie, how do they work, and why do they matter? What's find out the answers to all these questions and more!

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1 10 Snacks under 200 Calories

text,font,advertising,line,SNACK, Source: 10 Snacks Under 200 Calories

2 The Best Low-calorie Beers

Hoegaarden,text,font,line,brand, Source: 20 Beers That Won't Bust

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3 Halloween Candy Calorie Count

icon,font,line,SKINNY,MOM, Source: The Official Skinny Mom Guide

4 1500 Calorie Thanksgiving Portions

advertising,brand,HAT,DOES,1,500, Source: Thanksgiving Plate Calories and Fat

5 The Complete Guide to Calories

Greatist,advertising,web page,brand,line, Source: The Complete Guide to Calories

6 Maybe You Should Stop...

text,font,advertising,brand,design, Source: Infographic: Why you should not

7 Get Drunk, Not Fat

text,font,advertising,poster,design, Source: Get drunk but not fat…

8 Foods with Way More Calories than the Menu Says

advertising,font,product,diagram,line, Source: 4 Foods With Many More

9 What Does 200 Calories Look like?

text,font,line,diagram,advertising, Source: Counting Calories: What does 200

10 Trim down Your Turkey Day Calorie Count

, Source: Thanksgiving Dinner: Serve This, Not

11 Best Fitness Classes for Burning Calories

, Source: Infographic: Best Fitness Classes for

12 How Many Calories in at Serving of Fruit?

Toromocho,text,font,line,product, Source: How Many Calories in Your

13 Calories Don't Count when...

color,font,advertising,product,art, Source: Calories Don't Count When

14 Make up the Calories

text,ecosystem,font,biology,advertising, Source: Gym and Fitness Motivation Blog

15 Sugar Calories

interior design,pattern,design,window covering,Ian, Source: Here's an health infographic to

16 No or Low-Calorie Foods

, Source: how to lose weight at

17 Stuff Your Turkey, Not Yourself!

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,advertising,biology,product,diagram, Source: Sweet Success

18 Nuts + Seeds Nutrition

text,font,line,shape,diagram, Source: Hemp Healthy Today: Nuts and

19 Wine Calories


20 Healthy BBQ & Grilling Tips

ecosystem,biology,advertising,calorie,count, Source: Healthy BBQ & Grilling tips

21 Real Food

font,advertising,product,line,brand, Source:

22 The Best Wines with the Fewest Calories

advertising,font,diagram,brand,line, Source: Five ways to find the

23 How Many Calories You Burn Doing Housework

cartoon,font,diagram,illustration,line, Source: How Many Calories You Burn

24 How to Burn 100 Calories

illustration,HOW,BURN,100,CALORIES, Source: Ways to burn 100 calories

25 Not All Calories Are Created Equal

advertising,poster,screenshot,brand,design, Source: Why aren't all calories the

26 Fruit Chart: Calories, Fat, Carbs, + Protein

label,Fresh,Fruit,Carbs,Watermelon, Source: Losing Weight: Fruit chart comparing

27 Calorie Facts

Burger King,Dairy Queen,KFC,advertising,poster, Source: Nutrition - graw foods

28 Drinks, and How Many Calories Are in Them

text,font,brand,screenshot,learning, Source: How Many Calories Are You

29 Candy = Calories

Nestlé Crunch,font,advertising,brand,line, Source: Candy Calories |

30 A Caloric Breakdown

font,poster,advertising,brand,design, Source: Exercise

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Oh dear,just eaten a big bowl of porridge oats with flax,good sprinkle of ground cinnamon and two teaspoons organic honey. Will just have to look at this tomorrow and plan ahead.

Very informative,thanks!

Drinking grey goose as we read A+ ;)

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