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You'll Learn so Much from These 30 Calorie Infographics ...

By Jennifer

What's a calorie, how do they work, and why do they matter? What's find out the answers to all these questions and more!

1 10 Snacks under 200 Calories

text,font,advertising,line,SNACK,Source: 10 Snacks Under 200 Calories

2 The Best Low-calorie Beers

Hoegaarden,text,font,line,brand,Source: 20 Beers That Won't Bust


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3 Halloween Candy Calorie Count

icon,font,line,SKINNY,MOM,Source: The Official Skinny Mom Guide

4 1500 Calorie Thanksgiving Portions

advertising,brand,HAT,DOES,1,500,Source: Thanksgiving Plate Calories and Fat

5 The Complete Guide to Calories

Greatist,advertising,web page,brand,line,Source: The Complete Guide to Calories

6 Maybe You Should Stop...

text,font,advertising,brand,design,Source: Infographic: Why you should not

7 Get Drunk, Not Fat

text,font,advertising,poster,design,Source: Get drunk but not fat…

8 Foods with Way More Calories than the Menu Says

advertising,font,product,diagram,line,Source: 4 Foods With Many More

9 What Does 200 Calories Look like?

text,font,line,diagram,advertising,Source: Counting Calories: What does 200

10 Trim down Your Turkey Day Calorie Count

,Source: Thanksgiving Dinner: Serve This, Not

11 Best Fitness Classes for Burning Calories

,Source: Infographic: Best Fitness Classes for

12 How Many Calories in at Serving of Fruit?

Toromocho,text,font,line,product,Source: How Many Calories in Your

13 Calories Don't Count when...

color,font,advertising,product,art,Source: Calories Don't Count When

14 Make up the Calories

text,ecosystem,font,biology,advertising,Source: Gym and Fitness Motivation Blog

15 Sugar Calories

interior design,pattern,design,window covering,Ian,Source: Here's an health infographic to

16 No or Low-Calorie Foods

,Source: how to lose weight at

17 Stuff Your Turkey, Not Yourself!

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,advertising,biology,product,diagram,Source: Sweet Success

18 Nuts + Seeds Nutrition

text,font,line,shape,diagram,Source: Hemp Healthy Today: Nuts and

19 Wine Calories


20 Healthy BBQ & Grilling Tips

ecosystem,biology,advertising,calorie,count,Source: Healthy BBQ & Grilling tips

21 Real Food


22 The Best Wines with the Fewest Calories

advertising,font,diagram,brand,line,Source: Five ways to find the

23 How Many Calories You Burn Doing Housework

cartoon,font,diagram,illustration,line,Source: How Many Calories You Burn

24 How to Burn 100 Calories

illustration,HOW,BURN,100,CALORIES,Source: Ways to burn 100 calories

25 Not All Calories Are Created Equal

advertising,poster,screenshot,brand,design,Source: Why aren't all calories the

26 Fruit Chart: Calories, Fat, Carbs, + Protein

label,Fresh,Fruit,Carbs,Watermelon,Source: Losing Weight: Fruit chart comparing

27 Calorie Facts

Burger King,Dairy Queen,KFC,advertising,poster,Source: Nutrition - graw foods

28 Drinks, and How Many Calories Are in Them

text,font,brand,screenshot,learning,Source: How Many Calories Are You

29 Candy = Calories

Nestlé Crunch,font,advertising,brand,line,Source: Candy Calories |

30 A Caloric Breakdown

font,poster,advertising,brand,design,Source: Exercise

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