Yummy Christmas Appetizers to Serve at Your Party ...


Yummy  Christmas Appetizers to Serve at Your Party ...
Yummy  Christmas Appetizers to Serve at Your Party ...

You might want to set these out for Santa to devour this upcoming Christmas, instead of cookies!

The Family Fudge has "thee" of the cutest appetizer recipes. From pizza pinwheels, to jalapeno/cream cheese/sausage bites, to salami rolls! Total yum!

Follow along and drool with me!

The Family Fudge
Published on Dec 15, 2017

What is super nice is that in preparing these appetizers, there really is not much to clean up afterwards. Just roll or wrap!

Need to have a lot of food for a party but cannot afford? At my local grocery store, a pound of lunch meat sells for, at the most, $5.99 a pound. A pound goes a long way.

Make several appetizers ahead of time. You can then actually mingle with party-goers instead of worrying about food!

These go super with wine. However, if serving non-alcoholic, I suggest Arnold Palmer Half & Half.

Have a super, delicious and Merry Christmas!

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