7 Yummy Foods to Eat on the Fourth of July ...


There are so many fantastic foods to eat on the Fourth of July. It's amazing how you can decorate all different types of foods! The ones on this list are sure to be a major success this year at your family BBQ! They're all really easy to recreate, which is incredibly convenient. Check out some of the delicious foods to eat on the Fourth of July this year!

1. American Flag Toast

American Flag Toast

This year, you can start off your day with a very patriotic breakfast. Spread some cream cheese (or butter) over your slice of toast. Add some raspberry jam for the red color (and ultimately for its yumminess). Then, you can get creative by using fruits to create the stripes and stars of the flag! Cut up some banana pieces and position them across your bread. Those will be your stripes! Group together some blueberries for the stars and you're all set. This is just one of the yummy foods to eat on the Fourth of July!

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