7 Budget-Friendly Cocktails for a Great Summer Party ...


Cocktails for a summer party do not have to be a bank-breaking feature youโ€™d much rather skip!

In fact, Iโ€™ve realized mixing cocktails instead of just lining the bottles in a self-serve manner helps the same amount of liquor stretch much further.

Oh and letโ€™s not forget how great, refreshing and absolutely cool summer cocktails are!

Let's sum it up, shall we?

You wonโ€™t need to demonstrate skill that would put a pro bartender to shame, you donโ€™t need to spend a fortune and you get to have this ultimate party feature โ€“ all with the help of these super budget-friendly cocktails for a summer party!

1. Cape Cod

Absolutely undemanding in terms of both skill and ingredients, the Cape Cod, or Cape Codder, is one of those popular cocktails for a summer party you really have no reason to be without.

Check it out, this budget-friendly cocktail will be ready to serve in under five minutes and requires only the simplest, easiest to find ingredients.


3 oz cranberry juice

2 oz vodka

Lime wedge for garnish


Pour the ingredients into a highball glass with ice cubes.2

Stir well.

Squeeze the lime juice into the drink.

Drop the lime wedge into the glass.

Lemon Drop
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