7 Delicious Root Vegetables That Are Insanely Good for You ...


If youโ€™ve never tried any of the delicious root vegetables sold at the grocery store, you are totally missing out. Now, eating roots might not sound all that appealing, but they offer much in the way of nutrition and are tasty to boot. Oh, and theyโ€™re insanely yummy too. If you donโ€™t believe me, read on. In no time, youโ€™ll be convinced that what Iโ€™m saying is true and youโ€™ll be craving delicious root vegetables at dinner every night.

1. Carrots


Perhaps the most common of the delicious root vegetables, carrots are inexpensive and easy to find year round. These yummy orange gems are a great source of vitamin A, beta carotene and fiber, which makes them an ideal choice for your shopping cart. Use chopped carrots in salad and soup, or shred them and toss in stir-fry or wraps.

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2. Beets


Beets donโ€™t get a lot of attention as tasty vegetables, but theyโ€™re an ideal pick because they have lots of fiber for cholesterol control and potassium to help regulate your blood pressure. Roast beets for a delicious side dish that pairs well with fish and chicken. Puree cooked beets with sour cream, garlic, salt and pepper for a delicious twist on borscht.

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3. Parsnips


Iโ€™ll be honest; there was a time when I didnโ€™t even know what a parsnip looked like. Well, times have changed. This tasty root vegetable is low in calories, which is ideal if youโ€™re trying to control your weight. They also contain fiber and folic acid. Dice parsnips and roast them. Or you could boil them, mash them with butter and salt and serve them up as a yummy alternative to mashed potatoes.

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4. Rutabaga


Ruta what? These root vegetables arenโ€™t all that common on restaurant menus, but you can often find them in grocery stores. Rutabagas are very low in calories, but offer up fiber and vitamin C. Toss them into soup and stew or mix with potatoes when you mash them, then flavor with a delicious gravy and serve alongside turkey breast.

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5. Radishes


Radishes are one of the few root vegetables you can eat raw. They have a pleasantly spicy flavor that works well in a tossed vegetable salad. They are wonderful on a vegetable tray and dipped in ranch. Add sliced radishes to posole or fish tacos. These delicious root vegetables are a great source of vitamin C and folic acid.

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6. Celeriac


Itโ€™s not the same as celery, but celeriac works well in salads and has a yummy flavor that will shake up your routine. It tastes especially good in a salad that contains walnuts and apples. Celeriac also contributes fiber and potassium to your daily intake recommendations. What gets better than that?

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7. Horseradish


Itโ€™s not only a condiment โ€“ itโ€™s made from a root vegetable of the same name. I love to make my own cocktail sauce by mixing jarred horseradish with ketchup and dousing shrimp in it. Horseradish contains very minimal calories as well as a bit of iron and calcium. Use it on roast beef sandwiches or as a substitute for wasabi in sushi. Stir it into hummus or blend it with sauerkraut and put it on hot dogs.

What root vegetables would you love to try? Iโ€™ve had them all and I can attest to their deliciousness. How would you cook and serve root vegetables?

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