7 Essential Foods to Eat for Defined Abs ...


There's more to having a six pack stomach than doing crunches all afternoon long;

today I want to share with you a few foods to eat for defined abs.

Although you might have heard it before, abs really are made in the kitchen.

No matter how many hours you spend in the gym, without a clean diet, those abs will never show through.

Along with your fitness regimen, add some of these foods to eat for defined abs to your diet today!

1. Oats


Whole grains, like oats, are one of the first foods to eat for defined abs!

Whole grains are high in fiber which helps remove bulk and waste from your body.

Not only that, but since whole grains are digested much slower than processed grains, whole grains help regulate your appetite, preventing you from overeating throughout the day.

Try starting your day with a cup of oats and slowly start to see those abs come through!

2. Salmon


Salmon is a great fit body food because of its high protein content.

Since protein is stored in our muscles, adequate protein consumption will help you repair and build those strong abs in the gym.

Protein is much harder to digest than both carbohydrates and fat, therefore, our body uses more energy to breakdown foods like salmon.2

Salmon is also very high in omega-3s which help fight inflammation which is often associated with high intensity exercise.

Try a salmon salad with a side of whole grains for defined abs soon!

3. Unsalted Mixed Nuts

Unsalted Mixed Nuts

Unsalted mixed nuts are a great ab friendly food to snack on since only a little bit go a long way!

Nuts are very high in fiber, healthy fats and protein and digest very slowly in your body, keeping you full for hours on end.

They are great to help keep your blood sugar stable, preventing you from overeating throughout the day!

Reach for only about a fourth of a cup because even though they are great for you, they still are high in calories!

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