13 Foods That Change Your Metabolism in Just One Week ...


Whether you’re looking to gain some extra energy, or drop a few pounds, try incorporating some of these foods that change your metabolism, in just one week!

These foods are all incredibly healthy for you, unlike all those diet foods on the market today.

Certain foods increase your metabolism due to their amino acid complex, which revs up metabolism, their healthy fat components, which raise metabolism, or they may have a thermogenic effect, heating up the body and raising your metabolism.

Others are simply just healthy for you, and help your metabolism work better because they are incredibly easy for your body to process.

Add these incredible foods that change your metabolism to your diet, and enjoy the many benefits they have to offer.

1. Salmon


One of my favorites of all foods that change your metabolism is salmon!2

I love wild Alaskan salmon, and it is so great for your body in many ways.

The omega 3 fats are in the form of DHA, which decrease obesity risks, improve brain health and depression, and the amino acids in salmon help your body burn calories, just by eating it.

Salmon is truly a powerful food and one of the best you can eat, so long as you buy wild caught, and preferably Marine Council Stewardship certified.2

Chia Seeds
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