7 Foods You Need to Eat to Keep Your Vagina Healthy ...


Every woman should be concerned with their vaginal health.

If you don’t look after your most intimate parts, you put yourself at greater risk of urinary tract infections, bacterial and yeast infections, and various irritations, all of which can be painful, uncomfortable and unpleasant.

To avoid these things that can be a real nuisance and disturbing to your life, there are foods that will help keep your vagina healthy.

And they are …

1. Natural Yoghurt/Probiotics

Natural Yoghurt/Probiotics

Probiotics are something of a wonder food when it comes to maintaining the correct, slightly acidic pH levels within the vagina.2

We all know that probiotic foods such as natural yoghurt are good for adding good bacteria to your system and keeping your gut healthy, but importantly for us is that they also do a great job of warding off yeast infections which is something that many women have experience of.

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