17 Mind-blowing Salad Cakes 🍰⁉️for Girls Who Can't Stand Salad ...


Just as some of us think salad is utterly scrumptious, some girls just hate salad.

They can't stand it!

Is that you?

It's cool, if so – everybody's different!

What do you dislike about it, though?

I only ask because sometimes, a dish presented in a different way with lots of yummy ingredients can make you reconsider!

Salad cakes might make a salad lover out of you.

They're just what they sound like – salads made to look like cakes.

I mean, like sugary, sweet, delicious, beautifully decorated cakes.

How could you not want a slice?

1. Oh Yes, Those Are Veggies

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Want to serve up the perfect autumn salad?

Try a different kind of “carrot cake” – get it?!

How Cool and Hip is This?
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