Delicious Cake Pops to Make Your Easter Even Sweeter ...

By Eliza

Delicious Cake Pops to Make Your Easter Even Sweeter ...

Easter cake pops are all over Pinterest and social media these days, so you probably want to try making them yourself, right? Each idea on this list is totally festive and sure to please all of your Easter guests. Cake pops are relatively easy to make and create a really cool presentation for your celebration. Thank you to Pop Sugar and Baking Smarter for all of these fabulous Easter cake pops!

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1 Easter Bunny Pops

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Bakerella's Easter bunny pops use pipe cleaners to create fluffy ears. We love the three-dimensional detail on the sweet face!

2 Decorate Your Own Cake Ball

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In this great Easter activity to do with your little ones from One Charming Party, food decorator pens allow budding pastry chefs to make their Easter cake pops extraspecial.

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3 Egg-straordinary

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Another Bakerella fave, Easter-egg cake pops are as much fun to decorate as they are to eat!

4 Carrot Cake Pops

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The perfect treat for your little Easter bunnies, Cake Journal's carrot cake pops uses green licorice to make those cute carrot tops.

5 Love-a-Ball

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Pastel hearts and impeccable white frosting make these egg cake pops by Francisca Neves of Cupcake a beautiful addition to your Easter dessert table.

6 Pastel Sprinkled Yellow Cake Pops

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These pastel sprinkled yellow cake pops ($20 for 12 pops) are perfect Easter party favors.

7 Sweetly Sprinkled

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Cake Journal's delicately sprinkled pops are sophisticated enough for adults, but would still make a perfect addition to a little one's Easter basket.

8 Easter Variety

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These pretty little pops ($30 per set) are available in flavors like chocolate, lemon, and Oreo.

9 Hatching Chicks Cake Pops

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Bird's Party's hatching chicks cake pops are almost too cute to eat, especially displayed in an egg carton.

10 Easter Lamb Cake Pops

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Little Lion Baked Goods' Easter lamb cake pops are covered with mini marshmallows to make them even sweeter.

11 Easter Chick Bunnies

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Pint Sized Bakers' Easter chick cake pops would really like to be bunnies. And with ears that cute, can you blame them?

12 Bunny Love

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Bakerella's bunny cake pops feature strawberry cake and pink candy corn ears.

13 Easter Egg Pops

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Natalie's Cake Pops' Easter eggs are covered in sparkly pastel sugar for a cake pop that would melt any girl's heart.

14 Easter Bunny & Bunny Booties

food, pink, dessert, lighting, heart, Easter Bunny Bunny Booties

Mini marshmallows cut in half become pointy ears and little round feet on cute cake pop bunnies, and white chocolate and sprinkles cover a little M&M tail.

15 Bunny Cake Pops

white, pink, food, dessert, cake, Bunny Cake Pops
Easter Egg Cake Pops

16 Speckled Egg Cake Pops

food, easter egg, egg, Speckled Egg Cake Pops

The seeds of a few vanilla beans add a tasty speckled look to these colorful cake pop eggs, with pretty twine tied on the stick in a festive Easter bow.

17 Cherry Bomb Easter Cake Pops

food, easter egg, flower, dessert, Cherry Bomb Easter Cake Pops

For those with no time for Easter baking, these pretty eggs can be bought both individually, or as a lovely bouquet in a faux grass-filled container for a centerpiece.

18 Tie Dyed Easter Egg Cake Pops

food, lollipop, dessert, candy, product, Tie Dyed Easter Egg Cake Pops

A white coating drizzled with blue, yellow, and pink candy melts create an Easter treat that any child of the 60’s will adore.

19 Easter Egg Cake Pops

food, easter egg, Sweet, Whimsy, Shop, Easter Egg Cake Pops

These adorable egg cake pops can be purchased individually wrapped, to be shared with a dozen loved ones, or kept together to make a tasty centepiece for Easter dinner.
Sheep Cake Pops

20 Bakerella Sheep Cake Pops

pink, flower, food, earrings, art, Bakerella Sheep Cake Pops

The wool on these sheep is made from sugar pearls, giving a surprising crunch to the fluffy-looking bodies, and the heads and legs are delicious black licorice buttons.

21 Chickadee Cake Pops

food, dessert, lighting, cake decorating, cake, Chickadee Cake Pops

When time, or talent, is running short, these smiling chicks and their festive bows can be shipped in to impress all the guests at Easter dinner.

22 Spring Chicken Cake Pops

food, dish, cuisine, meal, GRE, Spring Chicken Cake Pops

The lemon cake in these pops is a perfect match for the yellow coating, and a sprinkling of luster dust makes them shine like the sun.
Easter Basket Cake Pops

23 Bakeralla Easter Basket Cake Pops

food, dessert, easter egg, easter, confectionery, Easter Basket Cake Pops

These adorable baskets come to life with sanding sugar edging, licorice belt handles, green shredded coconut for grass, and colorful jellybean eggs.

24 Easter Basket Cake Pops

food, dessert, lollipop, candy, confectionery, For those handy with a piping bag, a simple weaving pattern and a few egg-shaped candies make an easy, and delightful, chocolate Easter basket design.

Easter is a holiday most known by children for its generous bunny distributing tasty treats for kiddies everywhere. Though traditional chocolate bunnies and colored eggs will always have their place, new traditions and designs will draw out the bakers who may not have a place in the usual Easter egg hunt. These cake pops will give those kitchen-dwellers a new treat to share with their families, not only to eat, but as an interesting conversational centerpiece or decoration. Until Easter dinner is over, that is, and the cake pop feast begins.

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