15 New Foods High in Pesticide Levels to Steer Clear of ...


The Environmental Working Group, also known as EWG, just released the 2014 list of the foods with high pesticides and foods with low pesticides.

Each year a new report is given to find out which conventional foods you should avoid buying and which organic foods are better.

You may be familiar with this list, which is where โ€œThe Dirty Dozenโ€ and โ€œThe Clean Fifteenโ€ come from.2

Foods with high pesticides will fall into The Dirty Dozen category and foods with low pesticides will fall into The Clean Fifteen category.

Below you'll find the 15 foods that topped this year's list of foods high in pesticides.

Hopefully now you'll know what organic foods to save up for.

Nosh up!

1. Apples


Apples have topped the list of foods high in pesticides for years.2

However, the good news is that organic apples arenโ€™t that much more expensive than conventional, making them easier to afford if youโ€™re on a budget.

2. Strawberries


Most all berries are heavily sprayed with pesticides and strawberries always come out on top (and not in a good way).

Organic berries can be pricey in fresh form, but are much more affordable if you buy them frozen.

3. Grapes


Grapes have also been a huge repeat each year on the list of foods high in pesticides.

It was found through multiple tests that one grape tested positive for 15 different kinds of pesticides.

That doesn't sound too sweet, does it?

4. Celery


I always buy organic celery, not just because conventional celery is high in pesticides, but also because organic celery is so much tastier!

Itโ€™s also not expensive, and it's greener in color, indicating it's also more nutritious.2

5. Peaches


Peach trees are prone to multiple pests like fruit flies.

As a result they are laden with pesticides through conventional farming to prevent crop loss.

Buy organic peaches when they're in season and enjoy them as a seasonal treat!

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