7 Types of Lettuce to Add to Your Salads ...

Salads are a great way to add more vegetables to your diet, including different types of lettuce. Traditional iceberg lettuce doesn’t have much flavor or nutrition. However, there are other varieties of lettuce that have much more flavor and many more nutrients. To make your salads more interesting, try switching up your greens with different types of lettuce. You may be surprised what a big difference in flavor just changing your lettuce can make to your salad.

1. Romaine

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Of all the different types of lettuce, romaine is probably one of the most common. Because it is so common, romaine lettuce can be found in almost every grocery store. I happen to love romaine lettuce. It is a very crunchy lettuce that has a mild bitter taste. It is also loaded with nutrients, especially vitamin A and vitamin K. If you are looking to expand from iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce is a great place to start because it has the same crunch and is fairly mild.

2. Boston Lettuce

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Boston lettuce, which is also known as Bibb lettuce or butter lettuce, is a great type of lettuce for lettuce wraps. The leaves are very flexible and wrap around fillings nicely. While these leaves are great for lettuce wraps, they also make nice additions to salads with crunchier lettuce because they provide a different flavor and texture. Boston lettuce is often hydroponically grown, which is why it is not uncommon to find it with the root still attached.

3. Leaf Lettuce

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Red and green leaf lettuces are another type of lettuce that is fairly common and easy to find. They are not as crisp as romaine lettuce, but they are a great mild lettuce to add to salads. Like romaine lettuce, leaf lettuces are loaded with vitamin K. Red leaf lettuce is also a great source of antioxidants. So, next time you make a salad, try adding some red leaf lettuce.

4. Escarole

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If you like bitter flavors, you will love escarole. It is a bitter lettuce that is often added to soups or stews. However, the young leaves are also wonderful in fresh salads. Escarole has sturdy leaves that hold up well to thick dressings. In addition to having a nice bitter bite, escarole is also a good way to get more zinc, iron, and manganese.

5. Frissé

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A combination of chicory and green leaf lettuce, frissé is a feathery lettuce that is actually quite pretty. Adding it to your salad will make it look much more delicate and elegant. It will also add a nice flavor. Frissé has a mild bitter taste that makes salads have much more flavor. Usually, it is added to other types of lettuce; however, it can be used on its own.

6. Radicchio

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Radicchio is a bitter lettuce from Italy that is also pretty to look at. It looks similar to purple cabbage, but it has a much different flavor. I actually prefer the flavor of radicchio to cabbage. It is quite bitter and can be eaten cooked or raw. I love it both ways.

7. Lamb’s Lettuce

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Lamb’s lettuce is a tiny and delicate lettuce that is a wonderful addition to salads. The leaves are very small and resemble lamb’s ears, which is why it is called lamb’s lettuce. It has a nutty flavor and a soft texture. Lamb’s lettuce also has a considerable amount of omega 3 fatty acids and iron, making it a great way to add key nutrients to your diet.

I love having large salads for dinner at night, but salad can get boring after a while. Switching up your lettuce from time to time will keep you from getting bored with salad. Different types of lettuce have very different flavors, which is why using various lettuces is a great way to add variety. Which of these lettuces is your favorite?

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