8 Stomach Turning Dishes from around the World ...


With Europe in the grip of a horsemeat scandal, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some stomach turning dishes from around the world.

What may seem perfectly acceptable in some world cuisines has the capacity to make others feel sick and even horrified.

Even if you are an adventurous foodie, I think even some of these stomach turning dishes will make you lose your appetite.

1. Duck Heads

It is not going to surprise you that some of the most stomach turning dishes will come from Asia, and especially China.

If you’re in a bar in Shanghai and feeling a little peckish, watch out for the bar snacks.

You won’t be served a bag of chips or nuts – it will be some nice juicy duck heads that come your way (complete with brains and eyes).

2. Baalut

Warning – don’t read this one if you are a vegetarian!

Baluut is a dish from the Philippines which you could call a boiled duck egg.

Except, the egg that is boiled has been fertilized and the embryo allowed to grow.

When the baby duck is only partly formed, it is boiled alive and eaten.

You know how horrid it is when you crunch on a bit of shell that’s accidentally crept into your egg mayo sandwich;

imagine what it’s like when you bite down on a bit of beak, feather or tiny baby duck bones.

3. Casu Marza

Europe has some revolting foods too, and this one ranks right up there.

In fact, it is so bad it is illegal, although remote villages still make and eat it – particularly in Sardinia.

Casu Marza starts off as an unassuming pecorino cheese, but it is deliberately laced with larvae of Piophila Casei – the cheese fly.

The cheese is eaten whilst it is crawling with maggots.

That’s disgusting enough, but the larvae also has to be chewed well before they are swallowed because they are resistant to stomach acids and have powerful mouth hooks that have been known to lacerate intestinal walls and stomach linings.2


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