13 Delish Cones 😋 for People Who Love Their Ice Cream🍦😍❤️ ...

Ice-cream cones were the highlight of my childhood.

And ice-cream was definitely better in a cone than in a cup.

But there is no reason why you should stick to plain old ice-cream, right?

There are so many wonderful treats you can make with ice-cream cones and here are 13 types that’ll make your dessert even yummier.

1. Popcorn Ball Ice-cream Cones

Popcorn Ball Ice-cream Cones

Source: cookiesandcups.com

Popcorn, marshmallows, M&Ms and sprinkles, all in an ice-cream cone.

What’s not to love about this quirky and fun dessert, right?

And look how pretty!

Perfect for when you want to do something out of the ordinary!

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