You'll Flip over These Easy Peasy Pancake Recipes ...


Pancakes are delicious – right?

Seriously, they're my favorite breakfast.

They're already pretty easy to make (until you get to the flipping part, anyway), but if you found some pancake recipes that were practically effortless, wouldn't you make them way more often?

I know!

Me, too!

So check out these easy peasy pancake recipes and let me know which ones you'll be making this weekend!

1. Crepe Cake with Rosewater & Marmalade

Crepe Cake with Rosewater & Marmalade

How to make it:

Oooh, crepes!

I love for crepes!

And this is a crepe cake, so you get ALL the crepes!

Eggless Banana Buttermilk Pancakes
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