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We all want to live to a ripe, old age, right? The longer your life, the more experiences you get to have. However, you can’t reach a century if you don’t take care of yourself, mind and body. The foods you eat play a huge role in how healthy you are and how long you can stick around on this old Earth. Looking to live as long as possible? Here’s what should be sitting on your plate.

1. Pile Your Plate with Loads of Vegetables

Pile Your Plate with Loads of Vegetables

Fruits and veggies are absolutely loaded with nutrients that can prolong your lifespan. That includes antioxidants, vitamins A and C, fiber, iron, potassium and much more. At the same time, they are low in fat and calories, which helps control your weight. By eating lots of produce, you can live a long, long time. In fact, research proves that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lower your risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke, as well as diabetes and obesity.

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2. Scoop up the Yogurt Every Day

Scoop up the Yogurt Every Day

Yogurt is a rich source of probiotics, calcium and protein, which makes it great for a long, healthy life. The probiotics in yogurt help boost your immunity, which means your body is able to fight off viruses and bacteria that could make you sick and harm your health. Plain Greek yogurt is your best bet as it’s lower in sugar and higher in protein than other kinds.

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3. Eat a Couple Servings of Fish Each Week

Eat a Couple Servings of Fish Each Week

The American Heart Association suggests having at least two servings of fish each week. Fatty fish, such as salmon, herring, trout and mackerel, contains a wealth of omega-3 fatty acids, which promote a healthy heart and brain. Omega-3s also help control inflammation in your body, thereby reducing the risk of a whole host of illnesses and diseases that could shorten your life.

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4. Whole Grains Are Way Better than Refined Carbs

Whole Grains Are Way Better than Refined Carbs

Your body needs some carbs just to fuel daily activities. However, not all carbs are the same. You need complex carbs, which come from whole grains and you should limit refined carbs from white pasta, bread, crackers and white rice. Fiber has been linked to lower cholesterol, a healthy weight and healthy digestion so be sure your plate is more whole grains than refined ones.

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5. Snack on Nuts Whenever You Can

Snack on Nuts Whenever You Can

One caveat here – nuts are high in calories so you should limit them to a serving per day to control your calorie intake. Nuts are a great source of healthy fats, which promote good heart health. Studies show that nuts can help reduce your risk of heart disease when eaten in moderation. They also contain protein, which your body needs for many of its functions.

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6. The “Three Sisters” Can Make You Live Longer

The “Three Sisters” Can Make You Live Longer

The “three sisters,” as they’re called, are squash, corn and beans. While they are all three great on their own, combined the three foods are a powerhouse for helping you live longer. Chock full of fiber, protein and other nutrients, you cover a lot of your daily needs with these three simple foods. They taste delicious too!

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7. Treat Yourself to Some Dark Chocolate

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Here’s some good news! You can totally eat chocolate and still live a long life. The trick is choosing dark chocolate, which is packed with antioxidants that will help you live a great life that also tastes great. Make sure the kind you choose contains at least 60 percent cacao for the most benefits.

Which of these foods do you love? Are you hoping to make your 100th birthday?

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