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These Technicolor Foods Prove That Rainbows Make Everything Taste Better ...

By Lyndsie

It's true that you eat with your eyes first. It's impossible to deny that colorful foods are the healthiest foods. Technicolor treats appeal to the eye and the palate, but they aren't all healthy. I mean, "colorful" has a lot of definitions, you know? Some of us like carrots and some of us like cake. I've included a ... well, okay, it's a mix, but it's probably not what you'd call balanced or anything. I'd say sorry, but I ain't. Ha! No, seriously, just enjoy the rainbows -- in all their forms!

1 A Trifecta of Rainbows

A Trifecta of RainbowsSource:

Let's start big, shall we? Rainbow candy on top, rainbow fondant on the outside, rainbow cake in the middle … I'd say that's a winner.

2 Rainbow Doughnuts

Rainbow DoughnutsSource:

These are ridiculously precious. I mean, you eat a doughnut like this for breakfast and you're basically guaranteed a great day.

3 Tie-dyed Rice Krispie Treats

Tie-dyed Rice Krispie TreatsSource:

The best part about these is that the groovy colors don't affect the integrity of the treat, meaning you still get all that crispy, marshmallowy goodness.

4 Rainbow Tie-dyed Cookies

Rainbow Tie-dyed CookiesSource:

These are basically just sugar cookies, but they look like they taste of magic and unicorn farts.

5 Rainbow Truffles

Rainbow TrufflesSource:

As if truffles aren't to-die-for already, you know? Pop one in your mouth and instantly harness the power of rainbows.

6 Rainbow Pasta

Rainbow PastaSource:

Rainbow pasta is incredibly easy to make, especially if you're making homemade spaghetti. It's ideal for picky eaters, parties, and bad days when you need both comfort food and something to make you smile.

7 The Second of Many, Many Rainbow Cakes

The Second of Many, Many Rainbow CakesSource:

There's no doubt about it, rainbow cakes are probably the most popular technicolor treats. They lend themselves so well to colorful experimentation, after all.

8 Cupcakes with Mounds of Rainbow Frosting

Cupcakes with Mounds of Rainbow FrostingSource:

Jeezum crow, all that frosting. So much frosting!

9 Over the Rainbow Bread

Over the Rainbow BreadSource:

There is actually a rainbow in the bread. There is a rainbow in the bread. BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

10 Rainbow Fudge Ftw

Rainbow Fudge FtwSource:

I can't get over this fudge, to be honest. I will never be able to make fudge that looks this perfect.

11 Too Pretty Not to Share

Too Pretty Not to ShareSource:

These are just cupcakes, nothing terribly special, so really, seriously, they were just too pretty for me not to share them with you. See how much I love you?

12 Double Rainbow Quick Pops

Double Rainbow Quick PopsSource:


13 Rainbow Ruffle Birthday Cake

Rainbow Ruffle Birthday CakeSource:

I will also never be able to frost a cake this beautifully. Never, ever, ever.

14 Rainbow Cheesecake

Rainbow CheesecakeSource:

Do you know what I love most about this cheesecake? That it's all in pastels. It looks so pretty and precious and dainty. Also soft and creamy and cream cheesy.

15 Rainbow Petal Cake

Rainbow Petal CakeSource:

This actually looks more like a rainbow mermaid cake to me. That icing design is so on point, it looks like a series of scales.

16 Ginormous Rainbow Popsicles

Ginormous Rainbow PopsiclesSource:

These popsicles are possibly the biggest popsicles I've ever seen. Looking at them makes my jaw hurt.

17 Rainbow Cake Cubes

Rainbow Cake CubesSource:

These cake cubes look so moist (sorry, sorry) and delicious.

18 Spring Rainbow Yogurt Tartlets

Spring Rainbow Yogurt TartletsSource:

Even though each tart is a separate color, I had to share these. They're adorable, plus they look scrumptious.

19 Spiked Rainbow Jello Mold

Spiked Rainbow Jello MoldSource:

I'm not normally a fan of Jello molds, but this is gorgeous. Also, in two bites you'll be ready to find the end of the rainbow, I think.

20 Rainbow Jello Orange Wedges

Rainbow Jello Orange WedgesSource:

These just look like they'd be fun to bite into, you know?

21 Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Rainbow Fruit SkewersSource:

Nature really is full of rainbows. This is just to prove that you don't necessarily have to eat cake to get your technicolor food fix. I still go for cake, though.

22 Double Vanilla Delight Rainbow Cookies

Double Vanilla Delight Rainbow CookiesSource:

Simple, but so sweet!

23 Rainbow Soft Serve

Rainbow Soft ServeSource:

There will never be anything bad about this much ice cream. Never.

24 Rainbow Jello Parfaits

Rainbow Jello ParfaitsSource:

Say what you will about Jello, but it really is kind of magical. You can make so many pretty things with it!

25 Rainbow Pancakes

Rainbow PancakesSource:

No better breakfast in the world, am I right?

26 Rainbow Cauliflower, Kind of

Rainbow Cauliflower, Kind ofSource:
I only say "kind of" because rainbow cauliflower only comes in a handful of hues, but that's better than plain old white, right? If you've got a kid (or a spouse, ahem) who isn't big on vegetables, sometimes introducing brighter, more vibrant choices can tempt a picky palate.

27 Rainbow Carrots

Rainbow CarrotsSource:

Carrots are delicious even when they're just plain orange. Rainbow carrots, however, are a delight for the eyes as well as the palate. Have you ever eaten them?

You know what they say: the more colorful your food, the healthier your diet. That ... clearly is not true, but as long as you mix in some vivid fruits and vegetables with your cakes, cookies, and candy, you'll be all right. Are you a fan of the rainbow food trend or nah?

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