Stock Your Fridge with These Easy-to-Find Fruits ...


Stock Your Fridge with These Easy-to-Find Fruits ...
Stock Your Fridge with These Easy-to-Find Fruits ...

You know that eating fruit is an important part of your diet because fruit contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. Fruits come and go and they aren’t always in season so you have to be adaptable. At the same time, there are some fruits you can usually find year round in most supermarkets. Stock your fridge with these and you’ll have healthy options anytime hunger strikes.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot outside, you can always find apples. They come in all colors and flavors and you can usually buy a couple different varieties so that you can mix things up during meals and snacks. Apples contain a lot of fiber, which you need for digestion and heart health and they are loaded with quercetin, an antioxidant that protects you from all sorts of health issues.



This citrus fruit is in abundance most of the months of the year. That’s great for you because oranges are packed with vitamin C, which boosts immunity and helps you stay well all year round. Oranges make an easy and delicious snack or addition to your lunch. You can also make freshly squeezed juice with oranges for a morning beverage that will get your day started out right.



The great thing about this day and age is that you have access to far more fruits than people did back before shipping became so easy and common. That means you can almost always find a pineapple when you get groceries. Pineapples have a great taste that works alone or in smoothies and fruit salad, but they also contain a bunch of important nutrients that protect your health.



This tropical little delight has about as much vitamin C as you need in one day. Kiwis are plentiful in the summer, but you can find them pretty much anytime of the year too. Besides their vitamin C, kiwis also contain fiber and antioxidants. Not to mention their fantastic taste too.



Bananas might only grow in tropical locations, but you can always find them and they are usually pretty inexpensive. Bananas are perfect on their own, but they add taste to smoothies, fruit salad and many other things when they are pureed. You will never regret eating a banana on a daily basis. Your health with certainly thank you for it.



Grapes are pretty cheap during the summer, but they do go up in price a bit when it’s cold outside. However, if you’re willing to shell out for them, you can get grapes pretty much anytime of the year. That includes green, red and black varieties. The great thing about grapes, besides their wonderful flavor, is that they contain an antioxidant called resveratrol, which has been linked to a reduction in the risk of developing certain types of cancer. Grapes also have a high water content, which helps you meet your fluid quotas for the day.


Melons and Berries

Some type of melon or berry is usually available at the grocery store at some point during the year. It might be raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, watermelon or cantaloupe. Often you can find these items pretty cheap, which makes them a great addition to your meal plan. Both berries and melons are loaded with many nutrients so you can feel great about eating them.

What’s your favorite fruit? Can you find it year round?

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Apples are like a drug to me cant get enough of them!

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