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A Mother's Guide to a Good Meal-prepped Breakfast ...

By Leiann

This is probably the best breakfast tutorial that I have ever watched! Whether you have a small family or a large family, this video is sure to please.

If you have a small family, just prepare these on a Sunday and stick in the freezer for a few weeks worth of breakfast grab-n-go. If you have a large family, prepare also, then have breakfast for about a week. When you want one, remove the foil, wrap with paper towel and microwave for a minute or two.

Every single recipe is delicious. There is not one recipe that I would personally refuse. Maybe, I might vary the ham with a few different lunch meats, but otherwise, these are filling, easy to grab, and satisfying on a busy morning.

I recommend purchasing a mini-freezer (something like the size of a dorm fridge) for recipes such as these. Buy little storage containers from the dollar store instead of the little packets of aluminum foil, and then organize neatly. Label with contents and dates.

Oh gosh! I cannot figure out which recipe I like the best! Maybe the burrito, the croissant, or the parfait?

Have you gotten any inspiration? I sure have!

Good luck!

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