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While You Siesta Let Your Crockpot Make Dinner Salsa Chicken Tacos ...

By Leiann

Are you wanting a taco theme for dinner? Fret no more as this YouTube video teaches you a recipe for crockpot salsa chicken tacos!

As she stressed hard shells, you probably realize you have the option of soft shells, too. Not in a shell mood? Make a taco salad with this recipe! All three methods are yum.

Personally, I would use pinto beans. Yes, beans do bulk up the recipe, and I find pinto to be the better tasting of beans. What about you?

Sure you can buy salsa, seasoning, cheese, sour cream and hard or soft shells at the dollar store but, you may need to wait for boneless skinless chicken breast to be on sale at the grocery store and you would need to buy the lettuce and tomatoes there also.

As she stressed her healthy version of spices, I would personally just buy the taco seasoning packets in the taco or spice section.

What a delicious meal to have!

I hope you like!

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