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Your a-Z Guide on Healthy Foods That Are Equally Delicious ...

By Jenny

Here's your best A-Z of healthy foods. At this time of year, everyone is regretting their over-indulgence over the holidays. The huge meals, the excessive drinking, the lazing around all need to be addressed, but it can be hard to go from rich, filling meals to healthy, so here are some ideas using a yummy A-Z of healthy foods

1 A - Avocado

Yummo - high in fibre and packed with good oils, this one gets a big tick.

2 B - Bananas

Filled with energy and vitamins, add a banana to your muesli or yoghurt to give it that tropical boost.


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3 C - Coconut Waters

A great way to rehydrate after a sweaty work-out.

4 D - Dates

The fibre in dates slows down your sugar absorption, so it gives you a sweet hit that is healthier than candy.

5 E- Eggs

Filled with protein, eggs give you a filling and great brekkie.

6 F - Fizzy Water

Hydrate with soda water - no sugar and ultra-refreshing!

7 G - Grapes

Grapes are another great alternative to lollies.

8 H - Hummus

The beauty of this one is that it tastes naughty, but is actually nice.

9 I - Ice Blocks

Make them yourself with juice and real fruit!

10 J - Juice

Freshly squeezed is great and don't forget celery and watermelon!

11 K - Kale

It's a superfood that you can put in a smoothie or salad.

12 L- Lemon or Limes

Add to water and salads for a healthy zing.

13 M- Mangoes

Yuuuummmm! If not in season buy dried or frozen and add to smoothies.

14 N - Nuts

High in fibre, good fats, and amazing nutrients - get these on your snack list...try cashews that are roasted and unsalted or even better cashew butter!

15 O - Omelettes

Here is your opportunity to add heaps of things from this list - avocados, pesto, onions, cheese, tomatoes and whatever you like...make an extraordinary omelette and enjoy!

16 P - Pineapple

So good for you in so many ways - a great addition to every fruit salad.

17 Q - Quinoa

Yes, quinoa - add it to anything you can.

18 R - Raspberries

Sweet and tasty - filled with the good stuff.

19 S - Strawberries

Again sweet, high in fibre, and full of vitamins.

20 T - Tea

Try some herbal teas to appease your sweet tooth.

21 U - Unsalted Butter

Actually, try adding no salt to anything - popcorn, nuts, chips - everything tastes pretty good without tons of salt all over it - enjoy!

22 V - Vegetables

Yes, veggies - add them to every meal you can, instead of a cheese sandwich - add lots of tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pesto - anything you can find - turn every sandwich into a salad sandwich!

23 W- Water

Remember you need to drink to shrink!

24 X - Xigua

No, it is not made up - it is a type of watermelon

25 Y - Yoghurt

Buy natural and dress it up with fruit, muesli and anything else that works!

26 Z - Zucchini

Yes, I am serious - add it to omelettes for vitamins and fibre.

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