Authentic ✌️ Russian πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Foods 🍴 to Eat during the World Cup πŸ† ...


Has World Cup fever grabbed you yet? You might not be bothered as the USA team didn’t reach the finals but for many of us football/soccer fans around the world, the events in Russia will have us on the edge of our seats (hopefully). As a die-hard England fan, I know heartache, so I will need comfort from some Russian foods to eat during the World Cup. I’m hoping I’ll be doing some celebrating too so I’ll have a few drinks on hand. From soups to snacks to true delicacies, here are some Russian foods to eat during the world cup.

1. Golubsty

What might be described as mini cabbage burritos, you can fill up on golubsty before the evening game and you won’t need a half-time snack.

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