Flavor-Boosting Add-ins🍴 to Make Your Salads More Exciting in a Pinch😃 ...


I’ll be the first to admit that I used to love plain salads, however that changed when I tried all of these salad add-ins. When I say that I loved plain salads, I mean that I even hate salad dressings. These salad add-ins changed my love of plain salads forever. There are different fruits, nuts, and cheeses on this list, so no matter what route you’re looking to go, you’ll find something on this list that you absolutely love!

1. Watermelon


I am very late to the “fruit on salad” game, in fact, embarrassingly so. I recently had cubed watermelon on salad and it was a life-changer, if I’m being honest. It adds a sweet and refreshing crunch to a plain salad. It’s one of the most perfect summer salad add-ins. I especially love it for the summertime, because who doesn’t love watermelon during the summertime?

Goat Cheese
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