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Beat Every Type of Craving with These Healthy Snacks ...

By Lauren

Cravings are nasty little buggas. They creep up quietly and soon bloom into a full blown menace. And to further add to the nuisance, cravings come in many guises: sweet, salty, crunchy, savory etc. Give in to them and cravings reward you with fleeting pleasure which rapidly evolves into guilt. Beat the craving with these guilt-free snacks:

1 Satisfy a Craving for Something Fresh

Cucumber or jicama

Veggies will always do the trick, mainly because of their high water content. Opt for cucumber or jicama slices that will make for a perfectly refreshing and crunchy snack. To make it even delectable, you can consider adding chili flakes and some sea salt on these slices. You may also serve the jicama with cinnamon and lime juice to enhance its natural sweetness.

2 Feed Your Chocolate Craving

Chocolate Almond Milk

A glass of chocolate milk will always have a special after-school novelty to it, and that's what makes it a perfect snack. This will provide you with more calcium than you can find in cow's milk, with a couple grams of carbohydrates. You won't add many calories. Add a cinnamon stick to it for better taste.

3 Kill Your Craving for Chips

Seaweed Snacks

If you're looking for a savory afternoon fix, try seaweed snacks. These snacks will help overcome your salty craving with fewer calories and loads of nutrients, including calcium and magnesium, than any chips. Seaweed snacks will boost your metabolism, and boost your thyroid function because they contain iodine. Due to their light olive oil coating, they are a perfect substitute for calorie-rich potato chips.

4 Curb the Craving for Crunch

Air-Popped Popcorn

Yes, popcorn is a source of empty carbs, but you don't have to worry too much about calories. Instead of eating butter-laden microwavable popcorns, you put your money on air pop plain kernels. You can enhance its taste and make it even healthier by adding vitamin B-12 fortified nutritional yeast.

5 Suppress the Need for Something Sweet

Freeze-Dried Apples

Snacking on freeze-dried apples will help overcome your sweet craving and even relieve stress – that's mainly due to the presence of magnesium. You can have these snacks anywhere, anytime – they're even perfect to grab in a pinch.

6 Slap down the Desire for Salt


Are you feeling a bit tired after a vigorous workout? Do you fear of eating something that will increase your calorie count? Try pickles! Pickles can be salty and crunchy, and have enough salt to replace what you have lost through sweating. The best thing is that they won't hurt your calorie count either.

7 Squash the Thirst for Soda


Do you always crave for something sweet and fizzy? Don't opt for the diet soda; instead, go grab a cup of kombucha. Most grocery stores now have this fermented tea available. Fermentation provides your body with healthy bacteria that in turn soothe your gut and improve your digestion.

8 Get a Grip on the Craving to Grab and Go

Grape Tomatoes

These little nuggets are among the healthy snacks list because they are easy to pack and mess-proof. They’re sweet and provide a burst of taste as well as some refreshment. They’re also very healthy thanks to their zinc, vitamin c, lycopene, and a variety of antioxidants.

9 Snuff out the Hankering for Something Smoky

Turkey Jerky

You will love it for its mouthwatering smokiness, but it is in the list of healthy snacks mainly because it provides your body with enough protein that you cannot find in other snacks. You just need to ensure that you're opting for nitrite-free alternative – check the packaging to confirm if it contains preservatives or not.

Not only will these snacks satisfy your cravings but they’re healthy too and what’s not to love about that?

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