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Move over Matcha - Beet Lattes Are Here ...

By EmMa

Matcha has been having a moment, but it appears that beet lattes are about to take over. Just a peek at their glorious pink color will have you wanting one. But besides their great looks, there are loads of perks to having a beet latte. You might have to make it yourself while you wait for your local coffee shop to catch up with the trend, but once you know the benefits of a beet latte, you'll be ready to sip one every day.

1 Antioxidants

Beets get their bright red color from antioxidants, which are nutrients that fight free radical damage. In turn, this cuts your risk of a variety of health conditions, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

2 Vitamin C

As you probably know, vitamin C is important for keeping your immune system healthy. A beet latte is a great way to boost your intake and keep health problems at bay.


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3 Potassium

Your body needs potassium to regulate blood pressure so, while a beet latte won't satisfy your entire day's quota, it will certainly contribute. And what better way than with its fun bright pink color?

4 Iron

Iron is important for optimizing oxygen in your blood. Not getting enough iron is something that many women should be concerned about. Fatigue and anemia can often be linked to low iron levels so sip your beet latte and feel great about taking care of yourself.

5 How to Make a Beet Latte

Beet lattes are just now finding their way into the spotlight, so you might be hard-pressed to find one at your favorite Starbucks. Well, never fear because you can make yourself one at home. This handy video will help you go from thirsty to sipping a warm beet latte in no time at all. Bottoms up!

What do think? Are you going to jump on the beet latte bandwagon?

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