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Refreshing Homemade Lemonade Video ...

By Leiann

Summer is just about here and what could be a more refreshing non-alcoholic drink than lemonade? That's why I'm here with this homemade lemonade video tutorial.

The Domestic Geek is at it again with her delicious recipes. Although the video was made in 2017, these lemonade recipes do not have an expiration date! Whether you are a woman who likes simple or a woman who wants a few special touches, there is a recipe for you. Here's a great homemade lemonade video tutorial to get you started.

The Domestic Geek
Published on April 20, 2017

For review:

A basic theme for each of the following lemonade recipes is lemon juice, sugar and water.

The secret? Simple syrup. One (1) part water, one (1) part sugar, in a saucepan on stove mixing until sugar is dissolved. In other words, basically a sweetener.

1 Classic Lemonade

Place lemon juice in a pitcher.
Following, the simple syrup.
Then, some water.
As this is your classic lemonade, you build upon the classic for the next recipes.

1 Raspberry Lemonade

Mash a heap of raspberries in a pitcher.
Pour in classic lemonade.
Let sit twenty (20) minutes.

2 Orange Thyme Lemonade

Place simple syrup in a saucepan with thyme to simmer five to ten minutes.
In a pitcher, pour in lemon juice and thyme infused simple syrup.
Then, a glass of orange juice.
Following, water.
Finally, fresh orange slices.

3 Hibiscus Lemonade

Have classic lemonade in a pitcher.
Pour in steeped hibiscus tea.

4 Peach Basil Lemonade

In pitcher, have classic lemonade.
Then, place chopped peaches.
Optional, a splash of peach juice.
Then basil.

5 Honey Cayenne Lemonade

Heat water and honey in a saucepan, until honey is dissolved.
Sprinkle with cayenne pepper.
Pour into a pitcher of lemon juice.

Which recipe do you want to prepare? Do you have a favorite yet? Mention in the comments if you want to share any other lemonade recipes! I figured the above recipes were easy and very good tasting.

For any of the recipes, feel free to use sparkling water or club soda for that little bit of bubbly.

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