What Your Favorite Drink Says about Your Personality ...


What Your  Favorite Drink Says about Your Personality ...
What Your  Favorite Drink Says about Your Personality ...

Want to know what your favorite brunch drink says about your personality? Everyone loves going to a Sunday dinner to sip on a cup of coffee with their friends or family. Not many people will say they dislike doing this, but it is well known that most of us gladly enjoy a good diner and our favorite brunch drink with friends!

Have you ever thought if there is actually a possibility your favorite brunch drink might reveal a lot about your personality? It can! And this is what your favorite brunch drink says about your personality.

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Ordering Coffee

People who pick coffee as their favorite brunch drink are usually serious about their life and surroundings and enjoy great company. Coffee lovers tend to have rather lazy weekends and they prefer relaxing before anything else. People who love coffee this much might have difficulties in the morning without caffeine, but that’s completely fine!


Ordering Beer

It might seem surprising, but yes, there are actually people who would go with a beer, and that is fine if that is your style. Most of the people who pick beer are the ones who are just trying to start their week off in a fun way. You are everything else but boring and you are known for coming up with awesome pranks.


Ordering Tea

Tea drinkers are all about harmony in life and good relaxation with their friends or family. They prefer to sip on something a little bit simpler than coffee, and tea is actually a great choice! Tea lovers really dislike any kind of drama and they try to avoid it as much as possible - smart choice!


Ordering a Milkshake or Smoothie

It is rather hard to say no to a milkshake or a smoothie, and we can completely understand why. If you are more of a milkshake/smoothie person, that means you enjoy little things in life, you are not afraid to be different and you always think twice before making a decision - that is good, really good!


Ordering Water

Even if your friends say you are boring for drinking water, continue! Water is an awesome and super refreshing drink, especially in the morning. People who pick water are mostly communicative, they enjoy good socializing and they truly know when to keep their thoughts to themselves; that is very important!

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People who drink coffee are usually more productive not less productive

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