7 Best Jamba Juice Smoothies to Try ...


7 Best Jamba Juice Smoothies to Try ...
7 Best Jamba Juice Smoothies to Try ...

Eating healthy and drinking healthy are top of my list for 2013, so I've hunted out the best Jamba Juice smoothies to help me stick to my resolutions! With great, nutritional fruits, and added vitamins these 7 Best Jamba Juice Smoothies will really give you a great health kick, and help you keep your resolutions.

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If you want to try something delicious and tropical, Aloha Pineapple Smoothie is one of the Best Jamba Juice smoothies to try! With a hint of pineapple, strawberries and bananas this drink will definitely be a luau in your mouth! This is absolutely one of my favorite smoothies perfect for any weather if you ask me! Definitely has the perfect balance of sweet, and tangy!



Who doesn't love a good strawberry and banana smoothie?! I still applaud the p'zaz the Strawberries Wild gives, with strawberries, banana and frozen yogurt! This smoothie is made with apple juice! Wow! The perfect blend of these delicious fruits, paired nicely with the yogurt and it's definitely appetizing! It tastes like summer to me!



This drink will get you moving! With delicious mangoes, passion fruit, and a little bit of pineapple sherbet this tropical decadent drink will surely wish you were on some tropical beach! I know I sure wish that! Try this smoothie light! It gives the same great flavor with less calories, only 70 per serving! Winning!



Fresh off the 'secret menu,' this is surely my Husband's favorite smoothie! It contains peach juice, soy milk, with a scoop of lime, raspberry, orange and pineapple sherbet and finally some fresh mangoes! This drink is known to taste like a white gummy bear! It's so delicious!



Yes, you read that correctly, "pink Starburst." It tastes just like Starburst's pink flavored candy! This drink is made with lemonade, soy milk, raspberry, lime, pineapple, orange sherbets with some fresh strawberries! It truly does taste like the candy! Sweet with a nice tang! Its like melting a handful of candy into a cup! Perfection!

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Ahh, yes! My favorite gummy bear of all time! The Red Gummy bear! This delicious drink is made with raspberry juice, soy milk, with strawberries and a scoop of lime, pineapple, raspberry and orange sherbet So creamy, smooth and simply perfect! This is a definite must-try at Jamba Juice!



Yes, you can drink the rainbow! This drink is another favorite made with lemonade, strawberry, frozen yogurt and a good scoop of lime sherbet Mmm! Just all the delicious flavors in a drink! This drink alone is my children's favorite as well! They'll be wanting some more so order two.

I just realized how many of these smoothies are flavored to taste like candies! These drinks will surely knock your socks off! These are my 7 Best Jamba Juice smoothies that I hope you would try, and love! They have so many flavor combinations, and they're all delicious! Do you have any secret smoothie drinks you'd like to share? Have you tried any of these delicious drinks?

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Huh jamba smoothie??? It's gonna fill me up lol I'm trying to loose so was wondering if I can try it

mango-a-go-go is my favorite <3

The skittles I mean

Jamba Juice has disappeared from my side on town but I was soooo happy when I seen Jamba smoothie kits in the frozen food section of super Walmart !

How the heck do you see the recipe


I work at jamba. And this name doesn’t exist

I've never tried Jamba Juice before but these drinks make me want to head over there right now. :)

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