Instagrammers to Follow if You Love Breakfast ...

By EmMa

Instagrammers  to Follow  if You Love  Breakfast  ...

Lounging over delicious meals is one of the rights of summertime. If you're like me and love to linger over your morning meal on a patio somewhere, there are some great Instagrammers to follow if you love breakfast as much as I do. You'll be inspired to spend your days off kicked back under an umbrella while nourishing your body and your soul. So add these breakfast food Instagram accounts to your feed and get ready for the meal of a lifetime.

Table of contents:

  1. tracy benjamin
  2. cheryl sternman rule
  3. dorie greenspan
  4. sprouted kitchen
  5. angela liddon
  6. julie lee
  7. aran goyoaga

1 Tracy Benjamin

food, fruit, melon, watermelon, dish,@shutterbean

It's not all breakfast here, but the morning meals featured on her feed are glorious. Her fresh ingredients and beautiful arrangements are going to make you want to get up for breakfast every day.

2 Cheryl Sternman Rule

meal, food, brunch, breakfast, dish,@sternmanrule

This account is awesome if you love mostly healthy breakfast ideas, but aren't afraid to indulge once in a while. If it's not morning, you'll love the other delicious plates she features.

3 Dorie Greenspan

treacle tart, toast, food, breakfast, recipe,@doriegreenspan

Like the others, there are some meals here that aren't traditional breakfast fare. But, her cakes and morning foods are sure to make it so much easier to drag yourself out of bed in the morning.

4 Sprouted Kitchen

dish, tableware, food, plate, recipe,@sproutedkitchen

Lots of fresh homegrown foods are shown on this account and you're going to love all the inspiration it gives you for breakfast. Go ahead - linger for a while.

5 Angela Liddon

dish, food, cuisine, vegetarian food, meal,@ohsheglows

Vegan foods abound on this account and prove that you can still enjoy a plate of cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Her food inspiration will make you crave breakfast and every other meal of the day too.

6 Julie Lee

natural foods, fruit, vegetable, produce, local food,@julieskitchen

Breakfast will never be the same once you take some fruit inspiration from Julie's Kitchen. She proves that eating healthy in the morning can be luxuriously healthy.

7 Aran Goyoaga

dish, dishware, plate, tableware, food,@cannellevanille

No one has ever made eggs look this good. You might even find yourself wanting them for lunch and dinner too.

Which accounts would you add to the list?

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