7 Cooking Substitutes That Are Handy to Know ...

By Michelle

7 Cooking Substitutes That Are Handy to Know ...

Even the top chefs of the world need a few cooking substitutes sometimes. Personally, I always forget ingredients at the supermarket, so I’ve had to make the best of what I had in the kitchen. Need a substitute for baking soda? Unfortunately, there are no cooking substitutes for that, so always have it in your home. But that’s about the only thing that doesn’t have a replacement. So put your apron on, wash your hands, and let’s get cooking.

Table of contents:

  1. how am i supposed to peel potatoes with no potato peeler?
  2. i’m baking a cake and i realized my eggs might be expired
  3. peeling ginger is one of the most annoying things in the world
  4. i need cake flour but all of the stores are closed
  5. i have no brown sugar!
  6. i have to use wine for my cooking, but i’m not old enough to buy wine
  7. aw shucks

1 How Am I Supposed to Peel Potatoes with No Potato Peeler?

When I moved into my new apartment, I didn’t bother buying every single cooking utensil in the book, and one of those utensils being a potato peeler. But fear not! This is one of the most creative cooking substitutes that I still use today. Before you boil the potatoes, cut the skin around the potato so it forms a line as if you were going to cut it in half. After you boil the potatoes, stick them in ice water for about ten seconds, and the skin will easily slide off.

2 I’m Baking a Cake and I Realized My Eggs Might Be Expired

If you’re not sure if your eggs have gone bad, put them in a bowl of water. If the egg is bad, it will float to the top instead of sinking. Now that you know you don’t have any eggs, you think that this whole baking thing is a disaster. Well think again! Believe it or not, bananas are good substitutes for eggs. They give your batter the same consistency as the eggs do.

3 Peeling Ginger is One of the Most Annoying Things in the World

If you think that it’s annoying to peel ginger with a knife, try it with a spoon instead. It is a lot easier to shave the skin off instead of cutting it with a knife.

4 I Need Cake Flour but All of the Stores Are Closed

Take two tablespoons of cornstarch and put it into a measuring cup. Then fill the rest up with all-purpose flour until it reaches the one cup mark. Then, take your tablespoon and scoop out two tablespoons from the flour and bam! You have cake flour!

5 I Have No Brown Sugar!

This is actually healthier than the brown sugar that you buy from the store. To make light brown sugar, mix two tablespoons of molasses and one cup of white sugar. To make dark brown sugar, take three cups of molasses and one cup of white sugar and mix them together. No more sugar worries!

6 I Have to Use Wine for My Cooking, but I’m Not Old Enough to Buy Wine

If you are supposed to use red wine in a recipe, you can use grape juice or cranberry juice. Use the same amount of juice as you would wine. If you are supposed to use white wine, you can use apply juice or white grape juice as a substitute. Cook on my friend.

7 Aw Shucks

Do you hate shucking corn? I know I do. When I grew up in the country I was shucking corn for hours. If I knew this simple trick then, I would have saved so much time. Just stick the ear of corn in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and the corn will slide right out.

Let’s face it, not everyone can cook. Even if you can cook, sometimes you forget a few things at the supermarket, or you just want a quick easy way to do things. I hope this list helped you with your cooking adventures. What are some cooking substitutes that you use on a regular basis?

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