7 Daring Cupcake Recipes I Wish I Was Brave Enough to Try ...


There are plenty of daring cupcake recipes out there these days and I’m sure that a lot of them taste great, but I wouldn’t know. When it comes to trying new things I’m a little bit of a scardy-cat. I thought it would be fun to look at some of the daring cupcake recipes that I’m too nervous to try. So let’s take a look at seven cupcakes that would make any picky eater run and hide!

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Chicken and Waffles

Yes, this is really a thing. When I was looking for daring cupcake recipes, this is like the last thing I expected to find! It sounds pretty gross, but there’s a weird part of me that is really tempted to try it. I can’t help but wonder how you would make a cupcake that would cover both of these flavors. I’m somehow both repulsed and fascinated by the idea of this cupcake.


Cucumber Martini

I’m a little wary of the fact that a cupcake could taste like a vegetable, but yet I love cucumbers so I want to try it. I’m also a little concerned about the martini aspect of it, but not as much as the cucumber part. This cupcake makes me very curious as to what it tastes like. It’s not as scary as the chicken and waffles cupcake, but still too daring for me to try.


Irish Car Bomb

I know people that have tried these and absolutely love them, but I just can’t bring myself to try them. They get their name from the drink with the same name; the drink and cupcake are both made with Guinness, whiskey, and Bailey’s. While this sounds like an awesome combination, especially since I really like Bailey’s, I just can’t imagine it in a cupcake. I’ve never tried the drink (I hear it’s delicious), but I really don’t think I could try the cupcake.


Chocolate Covered Potato Chip

I wish this didn’t weird me out so much! It sounds like it’s the kind of cupcake a lot of people would like, but I would either hate or never have the guts to try. This cupcake plays on the whole sweet and salty thing, which I’m all for, but it still is too weird for me. I know a few people who would love to try this cupcake, but sadly I doubt I will be one of them.


Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love bacon!? Seriously these sound like they would be amazing! I don’t know why I’m not brave enough to try these because I’d probably like them. Anything with bacon is usually wonderful and yet I’m worried I’ll waste time and money making them, just to take one bite and be grossed out. Then again, I do love bacon…


Orange Marmalade-Ricotta Cupcakes

People reading this will probably disagree that this is a daring cupcake, but ricotta is cheese! Why is there cheese in a cupcake!? Not just in a cupcake, but with orange marmalade too? It makes absolutely no sense to me and yet I’m very intrigued and want to go buy the ingredients right now! These cupcakes leave me feeling conflicted, scared, and hungry.


Sea Salted Caramel Cupcakes

These scare me the least out of all the cupcakes on this list. Yet, somehow I don’t think I’d try them. Salt and caramel? It seems like a really weird combination. Not just salt, but sea salt?! I’ve heard that cupcakes like this are delicious, but I’m still hesitant. Caramel is pretty delicious and really sweet so this is another cupcake that plays on the salty and sweet combination. I’m sure they’re probably delicious, but I may never find out.

I love cupcakes, but people have been coming up with some pretty wacky flavors lately that push the boundaries of a picky eater like me. Have you tried any of these? What cupcakes do you want to try? Are there any other daring flavors you can think of?

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I have actually tried all if them the only one I did not care 4 was the orange marmalade and ricotta cupcake there is a place in Brunswick Ohio and Strongsville Ohio that makes all these wacky cupcakes u would be surprised on what combinations taste great cupcakes with cayenne and chocolate taste great.

These sound amazing - where are the recipe links?

XD only the sea salt caramel cupcakes sounds good

Sea salt and caramel are one often favorite flavored!

Actually sea salt caramel Is a pretty common flavor, you can get it in ice cream or chocolate or just plain sea salt caramel squares. It's my absolute favorite flavor too I can't imagine not liking it

The Maple Bacon cupcake is very yummy!! It's like eating a pancake with maple syrup on it and a side of bacon. Mmm

The Irish car bomb cupcake is to die for!!! & I attended a dinner hosted by the abita beer brewing co & for dessert they served that cupcake paired with their strawberry beer-amazing! Best cupcake I've ever had, hands down.

I LOVE the maple bacon ones, and the sea salt caramel. All the others sound awesome too!

I've tried the Irish car bomb cupcakes! Totally worth it

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