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7 Different Things to Make with a Waffle Maker ...

By Lyndsie

There are so many things to make with a waffle maker – besides waffles, I mean. Obviously. Anyway, we only recently got one, and I've been obsessed with it. I remember a babysitter in the way back days of my youth making me the best ever grilled cheese sandwich in her waffle iron, so I've been experimenting a lot. If you're interested in a few inventive things to make with a waffle maker, just follow me.

1 Dozens of Desserts

Food, Cuisine, Dish, Dessert, Ingredient,There are several dessert things to make with a waffle maker. Make brownies with your usual batter, and it only takes half the time – plus they're even more portable. You can make cakes, cookies, and cinnamon buns in your waffle iron as well – how many of you have seen the photos floating around Pinterest and Buzzfeed? They have icing cups! Get all the right components together and you can even make thick, decadent s'mores.

2 Bacon

Dish, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Snack,Do you love crisp bacon with a minimum of grease? I like mine chewy, I'm afraid, but if you prefer yours crunchy, flavorful, and fast, cut your slabs to size and sizzle your slices in your waffle maker. You don't get that burnt, radioactive flavor that you get in the microwave, and it's not as messy as when you make it in the oven. It's fast, as well, and unlike bacon in the pan, you won't get burned by pops of grease.


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3 Burgers

Dish, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Baked goods,Now, there are several ways you can make burgers in your waffle maker. You can simply cook the patties, although you'll want to make sure they're thick enough. Again, you get instant cups for your condiments! You can cook your burger until it's almost done as well … and then slide some cheese in there. I've done both things, but I've also seen recipes where people put the entire burger – meat, bun, and cheese – right into the waffle iron. You get super melted cheese and a crisp toasted bun, by the look. Have you tried that?

4 Sandwiches and Paninis

Dish, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Finger food,This is pretty easy, it's the versatility that's so amazing. You can make almost any sandwich you'd ever want to make, and you'll get it hot, gooey, and delicious. Like I mentioned, grilled cheese is next-level tasty in a waffle maker, but don't stop there. You can even make a crazy peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your waffle maker, and just FYI? Nutella is even better when it's hot.

5 Quesadillas

Dish, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Quesadilla,Quesadillas were practically made for the waffle maker. Heather makes them in the microwave all the time as a snack, and I've got to get her turned onto doing it this way. A simple cheese quesadilla is incredible, but the more complex your flavor pairings, the better the taste.

6 Eggs

Dish, Food, Waffle, Cuisine, Ingredient,Scrambled eggs are a cinch in the waffle iron, and you can easily transport them. Eat them on their own or make an egg sandwich, it's all up to you. Make a little more and add in some cheese, veggies, and herbs, and you can even make a killer omelet. I recommend this to anyone who likes eggs and never has time to eat breakfast.

7 Crab Cakes

Dish, Food, Cuisine, Ingredient, Comfort food,This is amazing. I love crab cakes more than anything, and while I will always love sauteing them, this is a wonderful alternative when I'm craving them but don't have a lot of time. The recipe depends solely on you, but if you like a lot of breading, I promise you an out of this world crunch. You can get crazy with the crab, too, because the waffle iron doesn't cook it so much that it gets rubbery or loses its flavor.

I've made or tasted all of these at one point or another, and I stand by their awesomeness. The best part is that clean-up is really easy with a waffle maker, provided it's clean when you start and you take care as you cook. Besides waffles, what are your favorite things to make?


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